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  1. Chad

    Testing New Forums and Discord Integration

    Hey Dusty! How are you doing man? Looking forward to seeing more of your video game!
  2. Chad

    Still Testing

    How an article forum is different from a regular forum. "You got yourself a load of trouble now, you got yourself a bad deal. You say i've got a bad attitude, how d'you think i feel?" -Deep Purple After the United States Championship match at Fish Fund, I began to write a scorching, scathing...
  3. Chad

    FAQ Info on Adding Your Fed

    Info to come!
  4. Chad

    FAQ Connecting Discord and Forum Accounts

    To connect your FW Central username to your existing Discord account: 1) Go to your "Account" area by clicking your username in the top menu bar. 2) In the dropdown, choose "Connected Accounts." 3) An "Associate with Discord" button will be visible. Click it. 4) If you're logged into Discord...
  5. Chad

    Testing New Forums and Discord Integration

    Thanks Skip. Getting there.
  6. Chad

    This is an Article

    It's not "The Ivy League" or anyone thing. But let's be honest, she's a grandmother now, so should she really be posting scathing articles any more? Maybe some recipes. Some parenting tips. Maybe the top 10 ways to deal with menopause. Testing to see if this posts to Discord automatically.
  7. Chad

    Testing New Forums and Discord Integration

    I know right! Give me a little while to work on learning the new stuff and then we'll get some fun stuff planned, I hope. If you know anybody looks for space/promotion, send em this way and they can beta test!
  8. Chad

    Testing New Forums and Discord Integration

    Thanks Justin! Working on retooling a few things, but it's getting close. If you guys see anything that looks or acts odd, let me know. SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING! ;)
  9. Chad

    Testing New Forums and Discord Integration

    Hey Dan! How have you been?
  10. Chad

    Testing New Forums and Discord Integration

    Here's a test to see if the post causes the bot to ping Discord.
  11. Chad

    Twitterverse Directory

    Add the handles we should all be following here! A note for league owners -- you can post your league profile on the new site and include your twitter handle there. @Fwrestlingcom
  12. Chad

    You Might Like...

    Thanks to Josh (@Derecho)!
  13. Chad

    My Bad! Forum issue you need to know about!

    In the midst of trying to work on some behind-the-scenes things for the forums (blame Edmunds!), I inadvertently DELETED the entire database. Thankfully, I had a backup and HostGator support was excellent in getting it restored quickly. Here's the BAD news: the backup was from yesterday, March...
  14. Chad

    Where should the Shoutbox go?

    Vote for where you want the shout box to appear -- the main forum page, or just on the main discussion page.
  15. Chad

    A Pre-Welcome

    So I'm going through my email and I get a message that there's a new registration on the forum. And this registrant just happens to have the best username I have seen since we started this site in 1998. Welcome Scaredofpoo. I salute you. -Chad

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