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  1. Foxx


    ((OOC: ...It's hard to write without someone to single out and point a finger at... That combined with an extreme case of writer's block have crapped this piece up quite a bit. I apologize in advance and swear I'll do better next time.)) "I'm only going to say this once. The JWO will bow to me...
  2. Foxx

    Less than 48 Hours Left

    Don't sweat it I'm gettin there. XD I've got it mostly written up, but got lazy with a touch of writer's block. It'll be up before the end of the night.
  3. Foxx

    Stupid question (What else would you expect from me?)

    So I just post the standard RP under my own topic? It's not a new concept to me, but I just wanna make sure ^^; How exactly do you mean you'll "build the show around them"? I'll start writing something up ASAP.
  4. Foxx


    I saw this when it first came up, meant to type something, then forgot. You'll have to excuse my extremely short term memory. So now I will type and you will read, because I'm bored as hell. Name's Amy Walker, currently completely and totally unemployed. This area of MI is completely dry and...
  5. Foxx

    Crap crap crap!!!

    I apologize for my last minute slacking in my match. Got caught up in the holidays and had a friend over and junk and I was lazy and didn't check back. If I'd known there was an extension... XD Ah well =P I lose. That was a terrific comeback and I don't think I could beat that even if I HAD...
  6. Foxx

    [CD] Cry for me... - Read BB2 first

    We fade in on Foxx...obviously not long after NEW's second Battlebrawl has come to an end. The room is well lit, but Foxx's expression is the darkest ever seen. If looks could kill...Karla Starr and Caitlyn Daymon would probably be dropping dead right about now. She sits in obvious discomfort in...
  7. Foxx

    I'm...Here...I think...

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, people of internet wrestling-dom. My name...is Amy. No one knows me and that's ok. Not many people are probably still reading this now that they've figured out that it's an intro thread and that's ok too, cuz I enjoy rambling on endlessly about absolutely nothing...
  8. Foxx

    The Devil is Ice Skating...

    And I can freakin post! Hello all you beautiful people! Heh...sorry. Just on the verge of having a joygasm from finally being able to post after somewhere around a month (It felt like more, but I'm going to assume it was about a month since I wasn't really timing it...) of visiting the forums to...

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