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  1. BigPimpin

    Opponent Needed for Next TV Show

    Is there anyone not booked in a match that's willing have a DQ finish match (due to outside interference against Pyre) to Stockton Pyre this week? I had a plan but it got rebooked at the last second and I need to replace the opponent. Alignment doesn't matter, opponent doesn't matter. The...
  2. BigPimpin

    Vacation Notice: 9/12 to 9/19

    From 5 PM Eastern 9/12 to approximately the night of 9/19*, I'll be inaccessible as my wife and I celebrate our anniversary in Atlantic City. If you need anything from me for the next show (and I suspect this should only affect the next show), please let me know as soon as possible so I can get...
  3. BigPimpin

    [Langston] The First Step Towards Immortality

    "I'd love ta be standin' here tellin' y'all dat I got what I wanted." [Fade up.] [What we have here is one man who calls himself DA MAN, standing in front of the camera, with a swagger in his stance and a smirk upon his lips.] "Da Man" Xavier Langston: I'd love ta be able to say I killed...
  4. BigPimpin

    [ChromDrags] Of Challengers Present And Future

    (STATIC!) (Hard-cut to the still-freshly-minted EMT tag team champions, The Chromatic Dragons, standing in a typical alignment for them to cut a promo on their competition. ANCALAGON, in his golden robes and holding his dragon-headed walking stick, is front and center. Back and to the left of...
  5. BigPimpin

    [LANGSTON] Attn: Calvin Carlton

    “Heya Calvy, ya bald goofy [NO AUDIO].” [Close-up on the face of Xavier Langston, with a stern, serious look on my face.] “DA MAN” XAVIER LANGSTON: You remind me o’ a movie I saw dis one time. Aliens vs. Predators. Not because you look like an Alien, but fo’ another reason. Dere was dis one...
  6. BigPimpin

    [LANGSTON] Attention-Getter

    "Have I got yo attention now, Canca man?" [Close-up to the face of “Da Man” Xavier Langston. You can still see the healing scratches on his forehead, only partially covered by some dreads hanging down over his forehead.] “Da Man” Xavier Langston: "You remember my name yet? Or is I still a...
  7. BigPimpin

    [Dragons] Victory

    [Backstage after Reloaded 21.] [The Chromatic Dragons have taken over a corner of the medical area. In the center of the shot, all smiles, is ANCALAGON, holding onto one of the two EMT memorial title belts. To his left, on a gurney, sits BLACK ZACK DRAGON, head down as an Emergency Medical...
  8. BigPimpin

    Beasts, Hunger, and A Broken Windham

    "How bout we get somethin' real clear, big man?" [Roll them cameras.] [Make sure you lock them on Da Man, who's wearin' no shirt but some South Pole jeans and Tims on his feet. His blonde dreds flop loosely around his head as he moves it when he speaks. His eyes show a whole lot of focus as...
  9. BigPimpin

    [ChromDrag] It Is Time

    [Black.] ANCALAGON[V/O]: It is time. [Dramatic wind whistle.] ANCALAGON[V/O]: Graverobbers...Legion...our Fellowship and your Army of Darkness have battled many times over the course of the last seven months. There have been times when our side has emerged victorious... [CUTTO: a still...
  10. BigPimpin

    [ANCALAGON] Breaking The Silence

    The following statement, recorded by ANCALAGON, was originally aired and discussed on Sirius/XM’s Rosenberg Radio and was later rebroadcast and re-discussed on Sirius/XM’s Busted Open Radio. ANCALAGON: Unlike my colleague Zack, I do not like to talk about our immortality, for my own personal...
  11. BigPimpin

    Time Is On Our Side

    EXCLUSIVE NFW WEBSITE FOOTAGE SLAM [As the camera starts to feed picture, we see a small television meet its final demise via flying through the air and crashing first into a wall and then into the floor, the liquid crystal from the tube oozing onto the ground out of a crack in the middle...
  12. BigPimpin


    EXCLUSIVE NFW WEBSITE FOOTAGE! [We’re backstage, in the area in the bowels of the United Center set aside for medical treatment. There’s various people floating around the area, trying like hell to treat the injured, but for now they've left one man alone.] [As “Da Man” Xavier Langston leans...
  13. BigPimpin

    Attn: Those that got no AIM response this weekend

    I am fail and left my AIM open @work. Sorry. Both of you can expect PM's today (if you don't see me on AIM first).
  14. BigPimpin

    Attn: Jeff (music-related)

    Does Reveille have their music available somewhere? Or were they more of a local MD band?
  15. BigPimpin

    RIP Ultimate Warrior

    Trying to process this. I'm willing to bet that the heart finally stopped working from years of life on the road (see Guerrero, Eddie), but it doesn't make it any easier. FWIW, Lordsofpain.net has a preliminary report of natural causes on Warrior's Death...lets see if that's still the case in...
  16. BigPimpin


    [Backstage after Reloaded XX.] [Laying on one of the training tables is the hairy, silver-haired form of OMEGA ZERO, face-down and shirtless with a pair of black slacks on. Standing over him are not the usual training people, but two BUXOM WENCHES (no relation to Lane Cash’s hos) wearing white...
  17. BigPimpin

    Legion of BOOM

    “Mic check, one two.” [As we cut up to Da Man, he’s adjusting a mic hanging off of his new black “Da Man” Xavier Langston T-shirt, which has a cigar laying under the logo’d name and some smoke rising from the lit cherry. He stands in front of the camera, the rest of his outfit consisting of a...
  18. BigPimpin

    Roster Pics

    As of 1/23, the posers at http://www.defiancewrestling.com/bio.php?username=stocktonpyre and http://www.defiancewrestling.com/bio.php?username=stocktonpyre&page=gallery are the ones with the kneepads and without the pad and paper. The one that should be posted is below: Could someone please...
  19. BigPimpin


    Between my wife getting sick and waiting on BRAWLSGIVING, I put this off until the absolute last minute, and I should know better, so my apologies to Voss and Legion for the deadline drop.

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