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  1. J

    Fuck it.

    Ermmm... these are the same people who are doing a remake of Boy Meets World. ;)
  2. J

    Dark "The Illustrated Man"

    MEMBER INFORMATION: Name: Josh Wood Email Address: darkdeathrow@gmail.com, joshwood1987@hotmail.com AIM: JoshW316 (don't laugh) Preferred Method of Handling:(Angle/Roleplay/Hybrid/Other) Any, as long as I'm writing its all good. Best Way to Contact you:(PM/Email/IM) PM, Email... have been...
  3. J


    Hey guys, I run The Row... or ran The Row--I'm tiring of writing 100 page shows for a bunch of no-showers. May join here, as a wrestler or a part of the staff. I'm kinda interested in writing a match that people actually read. It's an ego thing... you understand. Just saying howdy.
  4. J

    The Row Presents Lethal Injection XIV

    The Row puts on a show at the banquet hall of the Santa Clarita Motel, in Santa Clarita, California. Shit. LETHAL INJECTION XIV
  5. J

    The Row Presents Lethal Injection XII!

    School is in session. . . The Row invades the Omega Omega fraternity house in San Luis Obispo. WARNING, MAY CONTAIN SCENES OF DATE RAPE. Check it out, as we kick off the tournament to name the number one contender. LETHAL INJECTION XII
  6. J

    The Row Moves to Weekly Shows

    That's right. . . Lethal Injection every damn Wednesday. What, you really watch Dancing With The Stars? THE ROW
  7. J

    The Row Presents Lethal Injection XI

    The Row invades the Salinas Community Center and puts on a show for a bunch of drunk Mexicans. . . Sounds like fun, no? LETHAL INJECTION XI
  8. J

    Death Row Wrestling Airing Lethal Injection X Tonight

    Death Row Wrestling (Or simply The Row) is an extremely low budget wrestling company that travels along California's coast and central valley. It relies on a dedicated cult following to stay afloat, and streams it's bi-weekly events on it's official website. The Row has no glitzy production...
  9. J

    Death Row Opens Applications Once Again

    That's right pukes, after a few deaths in the ring, a few spots have opened up. . . Come one come all. Death Row Wrestling
  10. J

    Hi, I'm Running Death Row

    Don't know if you guys know Ben Halkum, but he set up Death Row awhile ago, and well he wants to sow his oats as a wrestler and not necessarily a fed head right now, so I've taken over for him. Just introducing myself and the federation. We're Death Row Wrestling, our owner on screen is Tim...

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