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  1. TWhitefield

    R.I.P.: Fabulous Moolah

    WWE.com is reporting the passing of Lillian Ellison, better known to wrestling fans as The Fabulous Moolah. No reports yet as to how she died. Best guess to her actual age is around 84. Very sad day. A true legend and reportedly a very classy individual.
  2. TWhitefield

    Tom Adler

    MEMBER INFORMATION: Name: Tom Whitefield Email Address: tjwhitefield@yahoo.com AIM/Yahoo Messenger: tjonlne Preferred Method of Handling: (FW Promo, Freestyle RP, Angle/Storyline, Hybrid) Hybrid, I suppose. Freestyle RP/Angle/Storyline primarily. Best Way to Contact you: (PM/Email/IM) E-mail...
  3. TWhitefield

    OORP News on Chris Benoit

    Not sure where this would normally be posted, but... For those who are unaware, Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy (known to long time wrestling fans as "Woman"), and their son Daniel were found dead today in their Georgia home. Latest reports from the Associated Press say that it APPEARS as though...
  4. TWhitefield

    Gilding The Lilly

    Fade in to Tom Adler sitting at his desk, looking through hand shot video clips of "Kodiac" Vic Creed as well as the possible wrestlers they'll be facing in their three-way match Ya know, Vic, I've gotta hand it to ya. Ever since you stepped foot into this company somewhere around mid-season...
  5. TWhitefield

    One For The Finger

    Fadein: Tom Adler sits in a darkened room illuminated only by a video monitor that flickers with footage of matches from the past season. An ominous red glow comes from the corner... the tell-tale sign of a camera looking over the situation I suppose this is the point in time when I'm...
  6. TWhitefield


    (Fade in to the parking garage area. Rudy Seitzer has a camera crew standing ready to catch the wrestlers as they arrive. A black 64 Mustang convertible pulls into a slot. The door opens as Seitzer approaches.) Seitzer: It looks like the United States Champion, Tom Adler, has arrived here...
  7. TWhitefield


    (Adler rolls underneath the bottom rope then procedes to the opposite side of the ring, climbing up to the send rope, holding his arms over his head in recognition of the <> X-Change... the US Title belt dangling down along side his arm. Adler moves to the near side and reaches down for a house...
  8. TWhitefield

    Dawn of a new day, or a setting sun

    (Fade in to Eric Wright, sitting at a desk watching match footage. Wright hits the pause button on the remote and looks into a camera that a CSWA techie had set up earlier in the day) You know, sometimes being WRIGHT as often as I am gets pretty boring. But, it also never disapoints. I've...
  9. TWhitefield

    Deal Breaker

    Fade in to a house show event followng Prime Time in Anaheim. The <> X-Change sits in their locker room, discussing recent events. Eric Wright, still visibly irate over the procedings at Prime Time, paces back and forth talking loud enough for the group to hear him but by and large talking to...
  10. TWhitefield

    Flying Blind

    Fade in to one of the recent shows from the On Time house card circuit. "Our House" by Madness cues up of the PA System and Tom Adler steps through the curtain and stops for a moment at the top of the rampway. He's wearing street clothes and sporting the CSWA United States Championship belt...
  11. TWhitefield

    Divide And Conquer??

    (Fade in to a dimly lit office. We see a figure looking over some paperwork. A plasma screen tv hangs on a nearby wall, playing matches of various CSWA superstars. We hear a knock on the door and the figure sets the paperwork down, presses a button on his desk which illuminates the overhead...
  12. TWhitefield

    History Lesson (Redux)

    (Cut to canned footage) BILL BUCKLEY: Sammy, no more bears I promise (winks into camera). What I can promise is that we're about to see one heck of a war! "Mr.Magnificent" Tom Adler defends his USN Title against "The Living Legend" Mark Windham! In a steel cage, no less! Wars are a...
  13. TWhitefield

    AS I C IT CS2003-002

    From The Desk Of Eric Wright As I C It: Edition # CS2003-002 Topic: "Traditional" Professional Wrestling vs "Sports Entertainment" That's right... the man who blew the lid off the Juarez corruption scandal... the only REAL journalist in Professional Wrestling is back with another issue of As...
  14. TWhitefield

    AS I C IT CS2003-001

    From The Desk Of Eric Wright As I C It: Edition # CS2003-001 Topic: Manuel Juarez Hello again, everyone, this is Eric Wright. Wrestling's only REAL journalist. Let's dispense with all of the BS and get right to the matter at hand. For months I have been telling everyone that I had evidence...
  15. TWhitefield

    Repeat Performance

    Fade in to Tom Adler watching footage from the 3-Way Belt On A Pole match at Fish Fund It seems that somebody... not sure if it was a fan or the powers that be in this federation... has decided that the Gentlemen himself deserves another shot at my belt. Well, whomever pushed the button...
  16. TWhitefield

    Adler... Aho... PRIMETIME!

    Fade in to an empty arena. Tom Adler walks through the seats toward the floor area where the advance team for the CSWA grounds crew have placed the ring components. Adler pauses for a moment and looks around the surroundings, then glances down, noticing a loose shoe lace. As he kneels down to...
  17. TWhitefield

    New Breed, Old Result

    (Fade in to the locker room area of Fish Fund Arena. Tom Adler makes his way out of his locker room in street clothes with a duffle bag draped over his left shoulder. Rudy Seitzer approaches him as the door swings shut) Seitzer: Tom, a moment of your time, I could. (Adler looks at his watch...
  18. TWhitefield

    AS I C IT: CS2002-002

    From The Desk Of Eric Wright As I C It: Edition # CS2002-002 Topic: Get The F Out!! Hey again, everyone, welcome to the second edition of As I C It. I'm Eric Wright.. the ONLY columnist in wrestling that doesn't use the paint by numbers method of reporting. First up, my appologies for...
  19. TWhitefield


    You know, Cruise, you come out here and tell me I need to take you seriously, then you occupy your time with somebody else. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not slighting Radder in the least. But, let's be realistic, you can beat him from now to doomsday and it's not gonna put a belt around your...
  20. TWhitefield

    Moving On

    Fade In to an itnerview platform. Rudy Seitzer stands at the curtain with a microphone Seitzer: Ladies and gentlemen, the NEW CSWA Presidential Champion... Tom... ADDDDDlerrrrrr! Adler's music cues up and he appears through the curtain. He's wearing a pair of denim shorts and a T-shirt...

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