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    I plead infamy!

    "Archibald Danger Doyle, can you please rise?" asked the honourable Judge Gleeson with a pound of his gavel. Archie stood up scratching at his fashionably styled mullet peering at the icon of legality through mirrored Aviators. The judge cleared his throat as Archie's defense lawyer removed...
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    Hey, The name's Flash. Runnin' ADD and hopin' to have some fun and get some eBooty in the fray. PM me. You know you want to. FLASH~!
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    A.d.d. MEMBER INFORMATION: Name: Joe "Flash" Gordon Email Address: flashthegordonator@gmail.com AIM/Yahoo Messenger: Don't use it Preferred Method of Handling: Freestyle RP with a little bit of anglulation Best Way to Contact you: PM preferred but email is fine WRESTLER INFORMATION: Name...

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