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    The Road Less Traveled

    [LOCATION: Chicago, Illinois….April 20th, 2012] [SCENE: This is not a formal segment, as we see an aerial view of the windy city. The camera pans the area from a great distance, as a somber tune sets the tone playing in the background.] [As the music plays in the distance and the panning...
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    The Return - Part III

    [LOCATION: mid-air over the continental United States] [Scene: Flight 92, bound for Chicago, Illinois. Sitting in the coach section of the airplane, we find Kendall Codine and his son sitting side-by-side. Codine’s head is pressed against the window, as he stares into oblivion while his...
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    The Return - Part II

    [LOCATION: Atlanta, Georgia….September 18th, 2007] [Scene: Phillips Arena….EPW’s Russian Roulette II] X-TERMINATOR!!!! OSAKA STREET CUTTER!!! He planted him right in the middle of the ring with that vicious X-Terminator! He hooks the leg… ONE… TWO… THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! YES...
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    The Return - Part I

    [LOCATION: Sandy Springs, Georgia….roughly about 12 miles outside of Atlanta, Georgia.] [Scene: Gold’s Gym….specifically the men’s locker room, where an older gentleman can be found sitting on the bench after completing his workout. Based upon his aged face and peppered hair, upon which the...
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    Obscurity - Part II

    GXW Revolution August 2002 Main Event FADE IN…. JG: Ryan may be going for the split-legged moonsault here! GM: If he hits this, it's over! Ryan reaches the top rope, but before he's able to jump, John Miller comes out of nowhere and knocks his feet out from under him, crotching him on the...
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    Obscurity - Part I

    [SCENE: The address reads 816 North Highland Avenue. A local bar in downtown Atlanta, Georgia known as the Dark Horse Tavern.] [The camera slowly pans into the city tavern, showing the few patrons that frequent the bar on this particular evening, Monday, May 12th, 2008. Most are enjoying a...
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    Coming "Home"....

    Coming Home: Part I (Reasons) Fade In… August 25th, 2002… Atlanta, Georgia… (scene: we find ourselves in the apartment of none other than Kendall Codine…this 610 square foot apartment, located in Cobb County, Atlanta, Georgia has served as the home of Kendall Codine for a little over a...
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    Calling An Old Friend ....

    OOC: This is a roleplay which I used in the GXW. However, it ties into my character's current situation in the CSWA, hence the reason that I'm posting it here as well. In other words, it will help better explain the story :) Fade In… August 11th, 2002… Days Inn… 1150 Banksville Road…...

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