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    Is there going to be a thread for this? Once the show goes up, I think we should have a place to rate the show and for some of us who aren't actually a part of this fed, rate our experience?
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    And the story must continue...

    Date: 3 March 2015 Time: 1314 Location: Austin, TX, Ed Leonard’s Office… Fading in on Dave Rydell, he is sitting in the office of his manager, Ed Leonard. The two are just sitting there, laughing, chuckling, what have you, about stuff. Ed: So, I’ve been hearing a rumor that you’ve signed up...
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    Dave Rydell

    APPLICATION - Handler Name: Dave - Contact Info: Twitter @redfusion_ugwc - Current EFed (if any): UGWC - Unified Global Wrestling Coalition - Are you representing that EFed with this character?: Yes - Is anyone else from your EFed entered in Battlemania? Yes, Eden Morgan Character Name: Dave...

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