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    defiancewrestling.com website migration - 26 Aug 2017

    Ross sighting.... I have moved the website to a different server. I'm not sure if its going to perform better, worse or the same, but it is in the same data center. It has far fewer resources than the previous machine, but it is also hosting only a handful of my personal websites, so you...
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    Backstage Script modification (Match/Seg Previewing)

    I have tweaked the preview pane in the Match and Segment editors. The idea is that they should look like the actual live website will when your content is posted. If you are pasting from other editors, and it looks shite, the idea is that you make some effort to fix it so that it no longer...
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    Backstage Script update

    I've made a few changes to the backstage script. Lindsay has the info. If anything that used to work up until 20 minutes ago no longer works, please respond here with info. I'm a bit pressed for time to test other unrelated things that I might have unwittingly broken ;) Ta!

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