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  1. DEF_Vagabond

    Formal letter of apology and an official character withdrawal.

    Sorry for my absence, but real life takes precedent and I no longer have time for Defiance. So this is me pulling out. Sorry for the trouble this might cause, but I at least wanted to let y'all know I'm peacing out for now. Best of luck to you all, and God bless.
  2. DEF_Vagabond

    The Show MUST Go On! (Currently Accepting Applications)

    As more people join I'll add more content to my little corner of fWrestling. I give just as much as I get, and right now that's not a whole lot. RO!W is currently accepting all applications (within reason), so get off your proverbial butt and fill out the template + start a new thread + become...
  3. DEF_Vagabond

    Showcasing the IGC at W!CKED Wednesdays, ep. 1

    One of my intentions for the first show is that I promote the IGC Title. How shall I go about doing this? - Timothy J., C.E.O. of RO!W
  4. DEF_Vagabond

    RO!W Announces It's First Signing; more information on the Gauntlet Match

    We are proud to announce we have our first signed superstar in Sabre! As a reward he'll be given the 10th spot in the Guantlet Match (meaning he'll be fresh when all his opponents are pre-disposed of)! The next person we sign will be given the 9th spot, then the 8th, the 7th, etc., until we...
  5. DEF_Vagabond

    RO!W Contract Template

    It's pretty basic. If you have any extra information you find relevant, please feel free to include that too. Otherwise just copy & paste, fill in the blanks, and respond with a new thread. I will then review your application at my earliest convenience and get back to you with further...
  6. DEF_Vagabond

    Welcome... to real professional (e-)wrestling.

    Aloha, amigo! My name is Timothy, but you can call me Vagabond if ya' want to (you might see me in the real world of wrestling some day going by that name). Whatever you choose to call me, just don't call me late for dinner. I like to be on time for that sh!t, you know what I mean? ;) I've...
  7. DEF_Vagabond

    *CAUTION* fWrestling.com might be unsafe...

    I've been having certain issues using Internet Explorer, so I jumped over to Chrome and my McAfee Site Avisor is telling me fwrestling.com is unsafe. Does this error message come up for anybody else? In all my experience with computers and the world wide web, I don't think it's anything to...
  8. DEF_Vagabond

    Can I run my own e-Fed here?

    I've been trying to put together my own little corner of e-Wrestling, but I'm not impressed with a lot of the hosts out there. So I was wondering if I could create it here. With the OK from the authority in charge, which I believe to be Chad, I'll post everything any interested parties will...
  9. DEF_Vagabond

    Heritage TV 05 Preview Podcast

    (In a room all by himself) The 24-year-old Vagabond is shown sitting behind a simple fold-out table as our feed comes to life. On cue, Vagabond pulls out a pouch of some kind. He unzips it and starts pulling out what appear to be pill bottles. He sets them up evenly across the table...
  10. DEF_Vagabond

    Round 1: Vagabond vs. "Total Elimination" Eli Flair

    "I WON'T HOLD A GRUDGE" A few words from Vagabond (Inside a locker room at an undisclosed location) [Vagabond] "I don't know what to say. I'm at a loss for words, I really, truly am. That's no easy feat, ELI FLAIR. Usually I'm the guy you can't get to shut up. But for once, I'm almost...
  11. DEF_Vagabond

    My Newest Micro - for VAGABOND

    I took a break from writing to get an idea of how I'd like Vagabond to look. It took me several days to put something together that I like. The only thing not customized by yours truly is Vagabond's haircut. It's the best hair I could find, but I'm no good at customizing hair. Everything...
  12. DEF_Vagabond

    I'm the Nu Guy!

    And yes, I do know how to spell 'new.' It's just that it's been done to death, and me? I'm an innovator. I'm kidding. But really, I am. I came to fWrestling with the rest of the DEF guys for two reasons: 1) our forums are integrated with fWrestling; 2) we have ourselves a tournament set to...
  13. DEF_Vagabond

    Free Agent(s) Looking For Non-Exclusive Work

    About The Handler Name: Timothy Age: 24 E-Fed Experience: 12+ Contact: mastertimothy@netzero.com (eMail) About The Character(s)/Wrestler(s) I Represent (/Handle): Name (may include moniker): Tim; Vagabond Age: 24 Height/Weight: 5'8" / 155lbs. Hometown: Manch-Vegas (Manchester), New...
  14. DEF_Vagabond

    Let's rally together!

    If you're in the ULTRA-TITLE TOURNAMENT and/or part of Defiance Wrestling, or are otherwise sympathetic to our plight... let's rally together! I'm giving it my all to be the one to bring it home for DEF, but I'm also realistic and I can see there are dozens of really talented writers... BUT...
  15. DEF_Vagabond

    "Movin' On Up, Part I"

    "I told you to get outta my way, dumbass." [Our scene comes to life.] [(Vagabond)] "Maybe next time you'll listen." [VAGABOND, dressed in his wrestling attire and a black sweatshirt which proudly reads DEFiant across the front of it in big, bold, blue lettering, is seen standing...
  16. DEF_Vagabond

    I come in peace...

    Just wanted to introduce myself as being Timmeh, or Tim, or Timothy, or Timmy, or anything but late for dinner. I'm a DEF n00b and I'm also brand new to the whole "let's reward your awesome writing with real money" shtick. But I know exactly what I'd do with the money... Assassin's Creed III...

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