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  1. AlGalpin

    プロレスの 最前線 (Pro-Wrestling FRONTLINE), your new favourite puro angle fed!

    プロレスの 最前線 (Pro-Wrestling FRONTLINE), your new favourite puro angle fed! プロレスの 最前線 (Pro-Wrestling FRONTLINE) is a new puro angle fed from the team behind Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER and we’re on the lookout for handlers to come and join us ahead of our opening this March. FRONTLINE is a actually...
  2. AlGalpin

    Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER recruiting!

    FRONTIER is headed towards our first anniversary in June 2012 and we're opening our doors to some new recruits! There are four main elements to FRONTIER: • Wrestling • Fun • Competition • Wrestling Yes, I really put wrestling in there twice. After all, wrestling matters, amiright? Some eFeds...
  3. AlGalpin


    The scene opens on complete blackness; a brief moment later there is a sound, that of a busy city. Cars making their way through a city, sirens in the distance, the sound of people walking and talking and the underlying sound of a steam clock ticking which is barely audible behind the noise of...
  4. AlGalpin


    Hi guys, did this video for my fed, and wanted to share it with you. Let me know what you think.
  5. AlGalpin

    FRONTIER is recruiting and looking for special guests!

    Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER is currently recruiting with the hope of expanding our ranks and hopefully opening up our Commonwealth Championship division! There are four main elements to FRONTIER: • Wrestling • Fun • Competition • Wrestling Yes, I really put wrestling in there twice. After all...
  6. AlGalpin

    FRONTIER: Open House Results, New Champion, 2012 Schedule

    This past weekend Southampton Guildhall played host to Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER's Open House, a night where anyone could come and join the fun. And what a night it turned out to be, several new faces arriving, a British legend made a special appearance and in a shocking finale a new GFC Champion...
  7. AlGalpin

    FRONTIER holding Open House

    2011 has been a good year for Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER but we’re pushing for 2012 to be even bigger. Our first anniversary show is planned for July and two special shows are scheduled either side of it; a show to be held at the Isle of Wight Festival in June and one from the London Olympics in...
  8. AlGalpin

    FRONTIER: GFC Invitational Tournament Draw

    The draw for the inaugural GFC Invitational Tournament has been drawn tonight by Alan Galpin, chairman of the GFC Committee. The winner is set to be crowned as the first ever GFC Heavyweight Champion on what promises to be the biggest weekend in the history of Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER. Don't...
  9. AlGalpin

    FRONTIER: Grudges Results

    It's been a busy old weekend for Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER. Last night they played to a packed house in Wolverhampton as the High Octane Wrestling team of Christopher America and Mike Best helped show us all why we write "Card Subject to Change" on all our promotional material! It was supposed to...
  10. AlGalpin

    Hey everyone!

    Hey guys, My name's Al, been posting a couple of things here recently and realised I never introduced myself first. Bad form. Been in the game since '98. RP'd in places like Real Roleplayers Wrestling, Virtual Championship Wrestling, American eXtreme Ewrestling and Millennium Wrestling...
  11. AlGalpin

    FRONTIER: First three names announced, first show date announced!

    Benedict Auslander has become the first star to sign an agreement to appear for Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER. Auslander, most recently a competitor with the Millennium Wrestling Alliance, is the son of Judas Auslander, founder of an organization known as the Kovenant. For over ten years, the Kovenant...
  12. AlGalpin

    Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER recruiting now!

    Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER is a small, independent promotion based out of Southampton, England. We’re looking for new talent ahead of a planned launch in late July/early August. We’re a company with no TV deal so the show results are written in a way that reflects that, a round-up style report of...

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