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    Who Did You Vote For?

    In the race for the US Presidency... who did you vote for? (suggesting that replies be limited to answering the poll, only, to limit any drama. just curious to know how FW.com voted.) (will not declare who voted for who, for privacy's sake. carry on.)
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    Just Like I Always Do.

    FADEIN: Inside the nerve center of EPW's on-site production truck. The lights are low, comfortable chairs are empty. The live event has ended and it's staff has vacated the trailer. The handful of monitors flicker to life forcefully and we see -- on each and every one of them -- the image of the...
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    Vacation and Such

    hey now, tomorrow I am on vacation for a week -- my online access will be spotty at best. when I return i'm accepting a promotion that will give me some added cash, added responsibilities and whatnot. so please bear w/ me through my transition. thanks, all. i'll be in touch. Paul
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    The Other Three Little Words -- part TWO

    Cassidy Stewart spoke calmly and clearly into his Blackberry. His voice was steady, words even, message concise. Yes, his client has been and will be fully cooperative with authorities. Yes, his client and legal team intend to aggressively pursue clearing the aforementioned client's name. No...
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    Pro Wrestler Faces Gun "rap"

    SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - - - - - - - - - - - - A professional wrestler known for his over-the-top gangster-rap demeanor and unique play on words faces weapons charges following an arrest for Illegal Possesion of a Firearm, a felony. California Highway Patrolmen were the first responders to a...
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    Epw, Gta, Ps3?

    tell me some of you own a PS3, and that that SAME group of some of you plan on purchasing GTA4. seriously. tell me that. and then meet me online for some multiplayer nonsense come Tuesday afternoon ;) anyone?
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    The Other Three Little Words -- part ONE

    "Are you serious? How long are we going to just SIT out here?", Rebecca Zachary-Stewart tried desperately not to whine. She also failed. "It's almost 2 AM! When I agreed to a late dinner and a movie it was only because you left out the fact that we'd cap off the night by sitting in a running car...
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    The Other Three Little Words - PROLOGUE, pt.II

    He silently, expertly closed the door behind him, listening with interest to Cassidy's ongoing telephone conversation. "I think you're misunderstanding what I'm saying, sir. This isn't a matter of respect, it's a matter of timing. Right now my client is on the cusp of becoming one of 2008's...
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    The Other Three Little Words - PROLOGUE, pt.I

    He stepped from his car with a grimace and an ache in his bones he'd endured so long he barely knew to acknowledge it. Sheilding his eyes from the glaring sun with one withered hand and deftly maneuvering onto the curb with a cane in the other, he supressed a weary groan. Groaning - much like...
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    happy thanksgiving

    hope everyone enjoys the day as they see fit! myself, I had to work for a bit and am now off to eat, drink, and play some guitar with my father! good times! take care, everyone! have a great holiday! Paul
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    What You Got

    FADEIN: Whoomp, There He Is! ICE TRE: Yeeeaaaaah, know'm'sayin'? Don't call it a comeback! Ice Tre STILL in the buildin'! STILL makin' it HOT! Tre dramatically unzipped his crip-blue windbreaker and threw it to the ground in defiance. He wore no cap, just a lopsided white sweatband. Matching...
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    Of Friendship and Truth

    FADEIN: A dusty storage room of the dusty Vin Zachary School of Wrestling; San Diego, California. Sleeves rolled up, sans jacket and tie, Cassidy Stewart was probably the most disheveled he'd ever been "on the job" (excusing, of course, the firebombing of his Manhattan offices some years ago)...
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    Ice Tre blog now ONLINE

    http://www.IceTre.blogspot.com in his first, brief post, Ice Tre busts out his iPhone during Russian Roulette and comments on a powerstruggle in EPW, his own future in EPW, and his declared arch-enemy, 'Triple X' Sean Stevens. future posts will include commentary on the TEAM tournament...
  14. t r e

    Putting Them Back on Blast

    CASSIDY: If you'd just listen to me you'll see that ... maybe this isn't so bad! ICE TRE: "Isn't so bad?" You CRAZY or somethin'? Lost yo' damn mind? This is WORSE than bad... This is the WORST! Cassidy, behind the wheel, frowned a bit; due both to Tre's lack of foresight as well as the...
  15. t r e

    Ice Tre Returns to the Radio

    http://www.paulbrisbin.com/tre2.wma Following EPW/NEW Wrestlestock, Ice Tre has been denied his requested match with 'Triple X' Sean Stevens given Stevens' #1 Contender status and the importance of the EPW World Championship match at Russian Roulette. The day after Night Two, Tre reappears --...
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    yanks/sox tonight

    hey guys - apologies all around for my lack of activity/internet presence. have not had a day off in over a month. but anyhow. leaving lovely saratoga springs in twenty minutes for Fenway Park. yanks/sox tonight. very pumped no matter the outcome. just hoping to see some quality baseball...
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    Nintendo Wii, anyone?

    love my Wii. adore Zelda. my lady's digging Super Paper Mario. we're both anxiously awaiting Super Mario Galaxy. am i alone here? while the Wii's online abilities leave much to be desired (at the moment), i'd still like to add some FWC'ers on as my first WiiFriends! y'all know you wanna see...
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    Rock Bottom, yo.

    FADEIN: Just outside the emergency entrance of Des Moines Mercy Medical Center. EMT's hastily rushed an occupied stretcher past the cameraman and inside. Friends and family of the in-need milled about, worried looks on nearly all their faces. Suddenly a battered, bandaged and bruised bad ass of...
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    it's yo' berf'day!

    happy 26th, jamar! have an amazing day, my friend. ... wear green!
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    Makin' It Rain

    Backstage following Aggression. Ice Tre holds an ice pack to the back of his head, hunched over on a bench. He groans softly to himself, his face twisted in pain. Suddenly, he spots the entering camera crew and his entire demeanor changes. Throwing the ice pack at the wall, he explodes onto his...

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