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  1. EZieba

    EWI Presents Genesis - 12 SEP 99

    Saturday, September 11th (Harders and Zieba are sitting in their joint office having a minor discussion on, of all things, beer. RH: Man, you know I'm not into beer that much. EZ: I don't care how much you like beer boy, you better conceed to the fact that MGD is top of the line s***. RH...
  2. EZieba

    MWC Hostile Take Over - Indianapolis

    Monday, August 23 10:17am [The scene opens up in President Harders office. Inside he and Vice-President Erik Zieba are going over a few notes for the next Pay Per View GENESIS. Must of the conversation have been calm, but there have been some heated moments.] VP EZ: You wanna call it THAT...
  3. EZieba

    MWC Hostile Take Over - Milwaukee

    (The office of "super power" Mr. Locke. His suit, armani, his ear, glued to the phone.) Mr. Locke: How much did you just say? (pause) Mr. Locke: That is what I thought you said. Please, tell me more. MWC Hostile Take Over in Milwaukee Held at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (The...
  4. EZieba

    MWC Hostile Take Over - Detroit

    Saturday June 17 10:53 A.M. EZ: (on the phone) No I'm not kidding. We thougth it would be a good idea and we have the means to do it. My question to you is are you interested? Really? Well then let's get everything set up and we can do this. Trust me you have made the right decision. (hangs up...
  5. EZieba

    MWC Presents SuperNova

    (As the cameras fade in, they show a bored room. In the room sits several men. Mr. Locke and Little Locke sit across from each other, giving each other obvious scowls; Liam Kennedy and Jim Sears sit across from each other, both not knowing anything of which is about to occur. All are in suits...
  6. EZieba

    MWC Hostile Take Over - Winnipeg

    The scene cuts from commercial to a tall, thin, 20 something young man walking into the Winnipeg Civic Arena. All around him, Canadians from all walks of life enclose the way to the entrance. Inside, even though the show is yet to begin, a raucous group of Canadians are chanting for their...
  7. EZieba

    MWC Hostile Take Over - Calgary

    (The scene opens as we show a CROWD of people in a downtown Calgary park. THey are lined up, and sitting at the table is various MWC stars. Blair is there, signing autographs...he just makes certain that he changes white gloves after each poster. Love is there with Sweet Melissa on his lap...
  8. EZieba

    Reading Old Threads

    So, did a search with "Zieba" today and I've come to one conclusion .. Tom Siegel and Mike Dove - you bottle crackin' bastards! LOL!! Kick a man when he's down why don'cha!! Cruise vs Hiroshi vs Powers - And no, you two cannot RP about your manhood size! Sadly, THIS was talked about in the...
  9. EZieba

    First Round Memories and Shattered Dreams

    CUTTO: A black screen appears on the screen and red lettering starts to appear. First Round Memories and Shattered Dreams CUTTO: Kevin Powers is seen standing in the center of a room surrounded by blue screens. KP: I'm gonna cut all the BS and get straight to the point. Henry Dylan, I get it...
  10. EZieba

    MWC Hostile Take Over - Montreal II

    The screen goes black after the episode of Gilligan's Island closes off. The promo opens up with various shots of MWC action from last week. "Get ready for the greatest action in Professional Wrestling today, get ready for... MWC Hostile Take Over in Montreal II Held in Montreal, Ontario...
  11. EZieba

    MWC Hostile Take Over - Montreal

    MWC Hostile Take Over in Montreal Held in Montreal, Ontario, Canada (The camera opens up with a still frame shot of Eddie Dean and Kevin Powers. A bolt of lightening sizzles the screen and a still frame of Eddie Dean and Kevin Powers locked up in a collar and elbow tie-up appears. The frame is...
  12. EZieba

    MWC Presents Domination

    The scene opens to JW Locke standing in the back of the stadium before the show begins. He's speaking with the Eliminator and Ms. Feelsgood seems to be laughing at everything JW says to the point of irritation. The camera gets close and you can hear... JW: Eliminator... tonight is your night to...
  13. EZieba

    MWC Hostile Take Over - Washington D.C.

    The scene opens from the preceding TV rerun to... MWC Hostile Take Over in Washington D.C. At the Capital Complex in Washington D.C. The camera pans the crowd and shows the chaos in the Capitol Complex in Washington, DC. A mulutitude of signs are being held up. "Franchise ME!" "Blair is my...
  14. EZieba

    MWC Hostile Take Over - Atlanta

    The scene opens outside of the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. Pulling up to curb is a black limosuine and almost immediately walks out JW's personal 'secretary' Ms. Feelsgood. She's followed by the MAMMOTH ELIMINATOR and then ultimately JW himself. Eliminator has a grin on his face as does JW... the...
  15. EZieba

    MWC Hostile Take Over - Charlotte

    The camera fades out of black and to the back of the Charlotte Colisseum... the viewer sees several wrestlers walk past, the crowd in their seats LIVE in the stadium booing and cheering for their favorites. Past walks Eddie Dean to a chorus of cheers from this 'hollywood celebrity' of sorts...
  16. EZieba

    MWC Presents Seasons Beatings

    The screen fades from a snowy screen to... JW Locke is seen with a santa hat and an amazingly large & devilish grin on his face. He is looking around a room, seemingly trying to take something that isn't his...most notably, a row of stockings along the wall. Like a famous Dr. Suess book from...
  17. EZieba

    MWC Hostile Take Over - Caracas

    The scene opens with a tape from the House Show in Mexico City, Mexico. Eddy Love is pushing Bryan Blair out of harms way and getting out of the ring himself after the scuffle with Powers and Iceman. Victor Creel's voiceover: Mexico City. A place steeped in history. A place where deals have...
  18. EZieba

    MWC LIVE from RIO (House Show)

    MWC LIVE from RIO (House Show) Another House Show that takes place in Rio de Janiero, Brazil We're live in the party city of Rio. The MWC going on their Latin American tour. Brazil has been great, but not as great as the first of our matches kick in. <hr> Iron Fist vs Randy Harders w/Mrs...
  19. EZieba

    MWC LIVE from Mexico City (House Show)

    MWC LIVE from Mexico City (House Show) Another House Show that takes place in Mexico City, Mexico <hr> The Mexican fans are jazzed to see this MWC card. Not only will they get to see US greats, but one of their own 'lucha libres' will face off with the resurgent Eddy Love. They are ready for...
  20. EZieba

    MWC Presents Wicked Ways

    Wicked Ways The first ever Pay Per View! Held at Sun Devil Stadium in Phoenix, Arizona A black screen and then The show begins with... JW Locke is shown in his office making an announcement with camera’s all around. JW: In Pheonix, Arizona - every title that we have even thought off currently...

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