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  1. TheHopper

    UPW NEWS & VIEWS [9-9-18]

    UPW ULTIMATE PRO WRESTLING "NEWS & VIEWS" September 9, 2018 ======== CONTENTS ======== 1- NEWS 2- OOC INFORMATION 3- SHOWDOWN LINE-UP 4- DEADLINES 5- CONTACT INFORMATION ============= 1- NEWS ============= We are just getting started, so the in-character news will revolve around signings...
  2. TheHopper

    UPW Revival....

    I have the UPW re-opening soon. Anyone wanting to participate in it is welcome as we are having open signing period. The shows are every 2 weeks and roleplays will be on-card segments within the show. You can reach us at the league e-mail - upwofficial@gmail.com...
  3. TheHopper

    NWA Handbook

    OFFICIAL HANDBOOK NWA NATIONAL WRESTLING ASSOCIATION ========= CONTENTS ========= 1- BACKGROUND 2- OOC STUFF 3- LEAGUE INFO 4- LEAGUE SCHEDULE 5- APPLICATION ====================================== 1- BACKGROUND ====================================== The wrestling world is seemingly down to...
  4. TheHopper


    This is the text of what I did on E-Fed Guerilla Radio this afternoon. Mike Stanton also discussed the show with me during it....so tune in and check out the archive.... Here is another review. Once again, I enter this reading with no real backstory on what is going on in EPW. My only real...
  5. TheHopper

    Jake Evans

    I may regret this.....but Wade talked me into it....if you get this sucker up and rolling again..... --------------- PERSONAL INFO: --------------- Your real name: Chris Hopper Your email address: CJI_hopper132@comcast.net AOL IM NICKNAME?: TooCoolCH Yahoo IM nickname: hopper_family_3...
  6. TheHopper

    EFG tonight

    Ramey wants to have a show tonight He said to post 5:30-6 PM or so for start time. So be at the spot by 5:30.....no clue what the discussion will be....but we'll have some fun. Hopps
  7. TheHopper

    ULTRATITLE Bracket 2, Rd 2 post RP prediction thread...

    So after the deadline tonight.....who do you think wins? Also.....Anyone who wants to send me feedback on my RPs I would welcome it. Thanks
  8. TheHopper

    WWE RAW 5-14-12

    I will be there with my family.....and with THIS sign!. Try to find us and post if we are on screen!
  9. TheHopper


    Thanks to all who judged, wrote and got the sucker out....it is greatly appreciated. Now....what do we think folks? Also....how about the lucky loser being chosen even before all the winners/losers from other brackets have been discerned?
  10. TheHopper

    is it possible...

    To get the rest of round one out before you start putting Round 2 in place for RPing? Hope it is coming along well. Chris
  11. TheHopper


    First of all thanks to those who wrote and put it together.....very much appreciated. Secondly......what do you think? The podcast was very interesting....but for those of you not there......what are your thought son the results? This should be fun to discuss.....especially a couple of...

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