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  1. Jason Payne

    Merry Christmas

    Hey wanted to take a minute to wish you guys a Merry Christmas. I'm back home in Kentucky with the family which is why I've been scarce here the last few days. A lot of headaches and pains in the ass to get out here but am spending a relatively quiet holiday with family and friends. Hope...
  2. Jason Payne

    [CD] Intermission

    Backstage at the BJCC Arena, Jason Tripp had just finished posting a message to Twitter when he spots JASON PAYNE walking through the back, fresh from the ambush brought on by Chaos. Sensing a chance to get a word or two from the big guy, he gets the camera crew's attention and heads towards...
  3. Jason Payne

    Reopened my blog

    So I see where everyone and thier brother has a blog now, so I thought it fitting to reopen mine which hadn't been posted in since October 2006. Almost three fricking years. Go figure. Reading the posts I wrote back then, I wonder how I've changed from then till now. The sad part is...not...
  4. Jason Payne

    [CD] Finally...

    FADE IN on a close up of the PRODIGY© CLASSIC XTREME CHAMPIONSHIP BELT. The camera pans slowly upwards, pulling back slowly to reveal 'The Dog of War' standing sideways against the banner for NEW's PPV, Banned in the USA. Payne looks to to the floor, pulling his arm up, bringing the title belt...
  5. Jason Payne

    I'm back...

    ...prepare yourselves... (and by the way, don't take anything personal from that RP post. I have nothing but respect for everyone mentioned there. Even you Lindz. -passes the rum-)
  6. Jason Payne

    Jason Payne *UPDATED 6/2/08*

    Name: Jason Email Address: jasonpayne@pingsteal.net AIM/Yahoo Messenger: nfwpayne Preferred Method of Handling: (FW Promo, Freestyle RP,) Best Way to Contact you: (PM) WRESTLER INFORMATION: Name: Jason Payne Nicknames: 'Too Hot for NFW', 'The Dog of War' Height: 6', 7" Weight: 297 Handedness...
  7. Jason Payne

    10 Years Ago...

    ...this was me and this was my wife... We were young, and in love. This us last night, celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary... Not as young as we used to be, but still in love.
  8. Jason Payne


    Hey I don't know why I forgot to let you guys know about this, and I'm sorry for such a late notice, but I am going out of town today for work. As of this schedule I should be back about the 12 or so, but there is a small chance that I won't be back until the 15th of March. Damn it I want to...
  9. Jason Payne

    In it, to win it.

    [[SFX: Heartbeat]] The screen is black. A deep voice resonates from the void. A voice that you should all recognize. Payne V.O. - "A fire that can not be extinguished." FADE TO footage from the 06 Dupree Cup as the heartbeat fades and replaced by a dramatic synthesized bass line. TH V/O...
  10. Jason Payne

    Must be out of my mind...

    ...as I've started trying to put some of NFW's history onto the e-wrestling wiki. Jason Payne already has an article there. And I just wrote this myself this afternoon. http://ewrestling.wikia.com/wiki/Banned4Life I figure I might have this all done and organized in about 27 years...;)
  11. Jason Payne

    RIP Chris Benoit

    I can't wrap my heads around this one boys. 40. He was just 40! Couple this to the fact that he left the PPV to tend to a family emergency last night...something's not right here....but I just can't believe the Crippler is gone.
  12. Jason Payne

    Pulling Out

    It is with an extremely heavy heart, and no uncertain amount of frustration that I have to withdraw from the Tournament of Champions. I would like to appologize to everyone involved in TEAM, and everyone involved with this tournament, as I truly feel that I've let you all down considerably. My...
  13. Jason Payne

    Too hot for MySpace?

    First he was 'Too Hot for NFW'....then he was 'Too Hot for TEAM'. Now, prepare yourself as Jason Payne takes on his biggest challenger to date.... MySpace...
  14. Jason Payne

    SuperShow IV RP Feedback

    Hoping I'm not overstepping by posting this thread, but I just wanted to give a hearty props for all the RP in the FFA~ match this week. I also wanted to let everyone involved that I am deeply sorry about not posting until the last minute. I won't make excuses for what happened though I did...
  15. Jason Payne

    Some clearification if you please...

    Just want to make sure I'm clear on something real quick. I originally posted my last TEAM Invitational Tournament promo around 8pm this evening. For some reason, the boards did not refelct this, even though my promo was in the thread. I thought perhaps it was cookiees on my browser, or some...
  16. Jason Payne

    Jason Payne

    I'm Jason. Im originally from Louisville Kentucky, but through the Navy, and my new job, I've been all over the world, and am no living in Great Mills Maryland. I am currently an aircraft mechanic for a defense contractor working on V-22 Ospreys. I have been involved in F Wrestling since 2001...
  17. Jason Payne

    I'm back

    Just a note to let you know that I have my internet in, and I'm back, so to speak. Gonna be sparse around the holidays, but hey isn't everyone? But anyways, looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.
  18. Jason Payne

    A Payne-ful update

    Two weeks in Maryland and I'm just now getting to a computer at the local library. Such is my shcedule these days it seems. Things are going well. I'm currently looking for a place right now while staying with a friend of mine. I'm giving myself a week to find a good deal on a rental house...
  19. Jason Payne

    I'm quitting FWrestling.

    PSYCH! Though I did want to get some attention. What I wanted was to make sure that people knew what was up with me because some very big things are going on in my life and I want to share them with you. First though, let me give you guys a little bit of history as to how I've arrived at this...
  20. Jason Payne

    Wrestler slaps reporter...

    http://thatvideosite.com/video/3351 The funny thing I got out of this was that for years, I had said that Jason Payne got trained in the wrestling business by Dave Schultz. I picked that name purely at random, and then I saw this today. I almost spit out the Big Red I was drinking.

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