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  1. Biron

    Post-Ascension Feud Business

    I've got a mini-feud booked through Ascension, but I will be looking for another humanoid to work a feud with after. Heel, for starters. The more cerebral and clever, the better. Corbin is a hoss, but he's out swimming in the deep end now. That's basically what I'll be telling and building on...
  2. Biron

    Corbin Michaels

    Handler Information Name: Biron Email Address: babiron87@gmail.com Best Way to Contact You:Forum, E-mail, or Skype eWrestling Experience: Fifteen years - was an angle fedder who migrated over to FW and participated in NFW and not much else. How did you find DEFIANCE? Justin Are you willing to...
  3. Biron

    Taste of Your Own Medicine

    (OORP NOTE: Immediately after RELOADED NINETEEN) (FADEIN: To a wild-eyed ‘Birmingham Stallion’ JACK BRYANT, still clad in his gear - black ring tights with white silhouettes of charging broncos on both legs tucked into Thunder Brown Tombstone cowboy boots with resoled bottoms for wrestling...
  4. Biron

    JUPITER JONES | Japan Arc Bookings

    The Guerilla Grindhouse World Tour will be Jupiter Jones' official entrance into DEF and Pro Wrestling. The overall theme will be establishing Jones as a green, but impressive physical specimen. Will mostly be spent working matches w/ various NPCs. On the segment end, fellow wrestlers will see...
  5. Biron

    Jupiter Jones

    I'm going to be upfront about the fact that I've joined DEF before and have not had a successful run (I dropped out of the MoW). I plan on changing that this time around. Hopefully you guys will give me another shot in this angle fed format. This is a new creation and I've already got some...
  6. Biron


    Thinking ahead ... I'm planning doing another BYOB when the opportunity presents itself, BUT I want to team up and write it with one of you crazy cats (not you, Katz). So, if you want to write an awesome card that everybody talks about for years and years, click off this topic. If you want to...
  7. Biron

    Max Pierce

    I need to finish a bit of this up (and will in the upcoming days), but this should be enough to go off of now. MAX PIERCE Name: Maxime Jonathan Pierce Nicknames: "Mad", Height: 6'5 Weight: 255 lbs. Handedness: Right Looks: Pierce is a tall, strikingly handsome Caucasian man with short...
  8. Biron

    BRAWL: Laos ... POSTED

    Oh yeah ... WEBSITE: http://nfw.e-wrestling.org FULL MODE: http://nfw.e-wrestling.org/content.php?p=results&id=172 CHAPTER MODE: http://nfw.e-wrestling.org/content.php?p=results&id=172&matchid=2085 ... Big props to Pants, Rusch, Ramey, and the Wizard for pitching in! Appreciate ANY and ALL...
  9. Biron

    No Love When Ya Done Did It

    (CUT TO: Jack Bryant, sporting the recently released Jack Bryant/Jack Daniel’s-styled Alabama Smash Mouth Wrasslin’ tee, black chino shorts, and red Chuck Taylor Hi-Tops, inside his private locker room at Perth Arena. Bryant, his neck-length locks still wet from the shower, is gingerly...
  10. Biron


    We're gonna float the Mekong River. So, I put the lineup out and then took it down 'cause mystery is fun. If anybody wants to do a segment, let me know. I can probably give you some info so you know what's going on with your character, if anything. These BYOBs are a solid way to bump your...
  11. Biron

    15-time Champs

    (CUT TO: A thick, but kempt bearded Jack Bryant, decked out in a crimson “Alabama A” long-sleeve tee, Wrangler jeans, Bronc Stomper boots, and a white Alabama ballcap from Nike, standing on the sidelines at Sun Life Stadium w/ ESPN Sideline Reporter Heather Cox. Behind them, Fiona Love, Trent...
  12. Biron

    BRAWL-O-WEEN Posted!

    It's up! We're rollin' along now ... read and enjoy! Big props to everybody that pitched in! Oh, leave FEEDBACK, too! http://nfw.e-wrestling.org http://nfw.e-wrestling.org/content.php?p=results&id=165
  13. Biron

    WWE '13

    First wrestling game I've bought since the first SvR, I do believe. Not bad. If you've created any of your characters (360), let me know. I'd like to create all of the NFW guys that I can.
  14. Biron

    Halloween BRAWL

    Just a heads up - I plan on turning this over to Katz on Sunday/Monday. So far, there's only one segment planned (Pete, Ford). If anybody else has something they would like to do, whether it to Halloween fun or just character storyline, write it up! If you've got any questions, shoot me a PM or...
  15. Biron


    First, to Pete for putting out Survivalism. Great job! Then to Billy, Pete, Fordatropolis, and Steve for making the Final 4 in the ULTRATITLE. Job well done, guys. You each wrote some tremendous stuff! Bigger props to BILLAY for winning the whole dang thing! You did okay, too, Colin!
  16. Biron

    Damage Report

    (FADEIN: To a sweeping exterior shot of Jacksonville's immaculate, six-story Mayo Clinic. At the bottom of the screen, "Filmed during RELOADED - JUNE 16, 2012" appears and shortly after vanishes. CUTTO: A scraped-up JACK BRYANT, dressed in a mundane, white hospital gown, sitting on an exam table...
  17. Biron

    BRAWL 52

    "The Birmingham Stallion" Jack Bryant is issuing an OPEN CHALLENGE. The NFW World Television Championship will be on the line! Who has the gravel in their guts?
  18. Biron

    Reap What You Sow

    (CUT TO: A white, red, and black Ranger 520VX Comanche Bass Boat drifting along the water of the Logan Martin. JACK BRYANT, rod and reel in hand, sits atop a swivel seat. He’s dressed in a tattered Alabama ballcap, his newly-released, crimson tee with “Roll Jack Roll” in bold, white lettering...
  19. Biron

    Signing Bonus

    (FADEIN: To an ESEN/NFW Joint Presentation Logo.) OFF-SCREEN FEMALE:"You've got to be kidding me. Did he really buy you this?" (CUTTO: FIONA LOVE, wearing a snug-fitting, gray hoodie, dark blue jeans, and black Chuck Taylors, shutting the passenger door of a black 2011 Dodge Ram 3500 Cummins...
  20. Biron


    Laptop crapped out. I should be getting a new one tomorrow or the next day. I'll try to get another RP up, maybe two before deadline.

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