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  1. Scumsucker

    Application: The Big Game Hunters

    Handler Information Name: John F. Eibach Email Address: jfeibach@gmail.com Best Way to Contact: Skype, DM on Boards, Email E-Wrestling Experience: I have competed off and on in e-wrestling since the mid 1990’s. In...
  2. Scumsucker

    Thank You

    Since there is no official reaction threat to the QuarterFinals, I just wanted to use this opportunity to thank everybody involved in The UltraTitle for letting me be a part of it. I had a blast, and it lit a fire under my ass in the game of e-wrestling that hasn't been there in years. I also...
  3. Scumsucker

    QUARTERFINALS: Freddie Sagawa vs. Jack Harmen

    "The world is a strange strange little place" [And with those words we fade in, once again, to Cameron Lee Waubash. This time out, The Beverly Hills Bastard is coming to us from an undisclosed location, a rough and tumble looking stairwell somewhere .. well .. somewhere. With a trusty bottle of...
  4. Scumsucker

    QUARTERFINALS: Freddie Sagawa vs. Jack Harmen

    [Fade In.] [Black background. A single, solitary stool. Plain. Simple. Cameron Lee Waubash wouldn't have it any other way. Walking into the shot, probably a bit too close to the camera, comes "The Beverly Hills Bastard" dressed in the brand new Freddie Sagawa "Gwai Lo Gonna Die" t-shirt, and a...
  5. Scumsucker

    Freddie Sagawa vs. Deacon

    Voice: I don’t care what you have to do. Sedate him. Whatever. He just needs rest if we’re ever going to pull this off. [As those words echo through your speakers, the image on your screen suddenly snaps in to .. well .. a hip. The hip of Cameron Lee Waubash, who is having a conversation with...
  6. Scumsucker

    Freddie Sagawa vs. Deacon

    Cameron Lee Waubash Blog - 07/04/2012 Today as I walked around the gym, I was at a loss for words. Something that I am not used to feeling. I always have the right thing to say and the right time to say it. It's my calling card. But for some reason, I had a case of "writers block" .. or at...
  7. Scumsucker


    Hey Guys - I just want to take a moment to apologize to all of you, and especially Deacon for my lack of activity over the past few days. Every time I have sat down to write, something else has come up to distract me from giving the RP the full attention that it deserves. Hopefully I will be...
  8. Scumsucker

    Father's Day

    I know a majority of the people in this community or older. But seeing as we spend alot of time on computers pretending to be wrestlers - I'm not really sure how many of us have actually gotten laid. Especially to the point that we have children. That being said .. If you are the exception to...
  9. Scumsucker

    UltraTitle On My Mind ...

    Today I was driving down the road and saw a sign for Shannon's Hair Salon ... I swore it said Shamon's Hair Salon Kinda wish it did. That's all.
  10. Scumsucker

    Round 3: "The Kochi Cannibal" Freddie Sagawa vs. Shamon

    [Fade In.] [We dissolve from blackness to the type of shoddy camerawork that can only be provided by a handheld camera. A shot so gritty that it seems to naturally fit in with the rough and tumble backstreets of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. And why are we miles away from the area that is heavily...
  11. Scumsucker

    ULTRATITLE Rd. 3 Br. 1+2 Unofficial Post-RP Predictions Thread!

    Seriously. I never saw a no swearing rule. And if there is, then I am obviously as well.
  12. Scumsucker

    Round 3: "The Kochi Cannibal" Freddie Sagawa vs. Shamon

    [The day? Friday June 5, 2012. The time? The buttcrack of dawn. The man? Cameron Lee Waubash. A highly irritated Cameron Lee Waubash to be more precise. And his rage all starts as he flips on his webcam to broadcast to the world once again. As he looks away from the lens, you can...
  13. Scumsucker

    Round 3: "The Kochi Cannibal" Freddie Sagawa vs. Shamon

    [Fade In.] [The camera fades from nothingness to an unfamiliar face that has somehow managed to find himself into the backstage area of The U.S. Cellular Arena. The individual stands about 6’0 tall and probably nearing the 300lb mark in weight. He has brown hair that is slicked back, light...
  14. Scumsucker

    Round 1: “The Kochi Cannibal” Freddie Sagawa vs. Kevin Hardaway

    Re: Round 1: “The Kochi Cannibal” Freddie Sagawa vs. Kevin Hardaway Cameron Lee Waubash Blog - 05/01/2012 So listen .. Writing this blog is probably the last thing that I want to be doing right now. But some people from the offices have been up my tailpipe saying that it is my...

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