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  1. blackshire

    (Tag Team) Those Parker Lions - Lane and Holden Parker

    I vote "yes" as long as you understand that the burning hammer is a transitional move.
  2. blackshire

    Grant Kingston

  3. blackshire


    my vote is a Yes!
  4. blackshire

    Jacob Mephisto

    I vote yes -- just be aware there are sorta similar characters active in DEF at the moment. The consensus is that you'll set yourself apart so I say come on in. :)
  5. blackshire

    David Noble - Application

    Yes! Good app with positive peer review.
  6. blackshire

    Troy Windham

    I’m a big Troy Windham fan. Match writing sometimes is a hassle but is also essentially a must. I’m with Ross. Would love to see the next evolution of this character, provided etc etc etc.
  7. blackshire

    Corvo Alpha

    This is a character who, like Joe with the brilliant Reform, I'd like to use generally just on UNCUTs for the foreseeable. Working w/ BRAZEN roster, for ex. Would he move up to "main roster" and DEFtv eventually? Ideally, yes. Roster space is at a premium and I'm not looking to muddy the waters...
  8. blackshire

    Old School Poll

    Yeah. Why not? With all of the "new faces" around these parts and for maybe a refresher on who is who, etc... 1.) Name / Age / Where You At? 2.) School / Occupation 3.) What character(s) are you most known for? What "circle" were/are you most active in? 4.) Who do you respect most in this...
  9. blackshire

    Creative Catharsis

    On June 17, 2011, I lost my younger brother, Josh, to his own silent battle with depression. He was 18 years old. So witty, so funny. Generous, warm and selfless to a fault. I could talk about how amazing and unique of a person he was and is to me forever. *When my dad and his mom split up, he...
  10. blackshire

    live to regret, pt.I

    (FADE IN: Tight shot of what might be an oak table. After a moment of nothing, a pale hand reaches into the shot clutching a digital voice recorder. The thumb deftly reaches the appropriate button and, at once, sound and screen burst to life. The initial noise is jarring; abrupt and almost...
  11. blackshire

    10 Things About You

    hello. just an old fashioned, good-timey poll for y'all. 1.) Name, Age, Whereabouts, Characters You 'Handle'. 2.) Favorite TV show. 3.) Favorite Film. 4.) Favorite Musical Group/Artist. 5.) Currently in your CD Player/8-Track. 6.) Still watch wrestling? If so, favorite wrestler? 7.) Favorite...
  12. blackshire

    building bridges, pt. I

    He shuffled up the steps, a heavy suitcase in each hand, a big duffel bag slung across his chest. Awkwardly using his elbow to hit the doorbell, Cassidy Stewart quickly shifted the weight of one bag, losing his grip momentarily. Clenching his teeth, he muttered under his breathe. "...come on...
  13. blackshire

    Ugh. Hate to do it. Gotta do it.

    peoples - gonna have to take a break from fantasy wrestling. this next month and a half ... is NOT going to be fun for me, heh. "hectic", is a good word to use to begin to describe it. "chaotic" gets a little bit closer. kinda scratches the surface. too tired to go into great detail. but, no...
  14. blackshire

    Reissued Radio Request

    hey guys - i'm going to try to put together a Radio Show leading into this upcoming Revolution and need your help. Just need to pull things together QUICKLY, b/c the tail end of this week just looks NASTY w/ work. The show will be based around the news, rumors, angles leading into the show -...
  15. blackshire

    Xtreme RADIO *PREMIERES*! [press release]

    GXW is happy to announce the debut of Xtreme RADIO! Hosted by life-long wrestling fan and well-known New York City Radio Personality, SCOTTY FLASH, Xtreme RADIO is guaranteed to deliver with rumors, results, and injury reports. You can also expect some of the hardest hitting wrestling...
  16. blackshire

    GXW Poker Tournament - Hold'em Style, baby.

    If anyone's interested, it might be fun to schedule a GXW game of Hold'em some night over at Yahoo-Games or pokerroom.com. Chad, Joe, and myself have dropped and WON many a pretend dollar at the Yahoo Hold'em tables a few nights this past week. it's fun to play with people you know, can talk...
  17. blackshire

    An ICE TRE Interview in MP3 Form - :)

    The man who revolutionized making a public ass of himself has done it again, this time by bringing his radio-exploits to the internet. The following is an exerpt from the 2/17/04 edition of WZOM's "Scotty Flash" show. Ice Tre drops an Audio Biz-omb OOC: allow me to briefly explain. i've...
  18. blackshire

    Max Blackshire vs. Ice Tre

    ...i didn't see it. :) - - - - - - Ice Tre, Cool as Frozen Water (FADEIN, son. FADEIN. Who is it? Where he be at? Arms crossed menacingly across his chest, Ice Tre eyes the camera from behind a pair of bulky sunglasses. Standing in front of what could be a backdrop that GXW might have...
  19. blackshire

    the countdown

    i can't be the only one, but let me just say ... i've really enjoyed the countdown(s). big time. hats off to those who contributed. later- -paul
  20. blackshire


    howdy, folks - just as an 'FYI', i'll be out of town from TUESDAY DEC30th until late SUNDAY JAN4th. going to boston to surprise my bro for new-years/his birthday. so ... don't all of the sudden get productive on me while i'm away :) i'm TOTALLY kidding. and you KNOW this .... maaaaaan...

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