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    Wrestling 2005! The Tournament!

    We're going to give this a go again. Some changes have been made to what we'll accept so give us another look. http://wr2005.com/midgetcentral/viewtopic.php?t=2&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight= - Link to Tournament forums Thanks to Chad and hopefully I'll see some of you guys in...
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    Wrestling! 2005 Informational Thread (read if interested)

    Hi all - It's come to my attention that some people who were interested in the Wrestling! 2005 tourney and fed are looking for some idea of what's going on with the project. Things that I've heard from a few people are: 1. Wow, I can't find anything on the FWC forums about it. It was there one...
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    Hey all, Heads up from me.

    Hi - Note on the forums: I've gone ahead and removed the Wrestling! forums from the set. The tourney bombed (25 signed up and only 9 were actually interested enough to confirm their place-- so no tourney) so there's no point in keeping the things online to have them be unused. Note on...
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    Feedback: Wrestling! 2005 OIT

    Hey all, There are a couple things I'm assuming in posting this that may not be great to assume. These are: 1. That most people have seen or heard of the tournament signups and pages over at http://www.wr2005.com 2. That most have read the Tournament announcement and checked out the forums...
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    Some art from Wrestling!

    Note that I am not the artist but I'll take a bow and try to promote the fed a little to get the tourney rolling. These are some of the characters in my hand as fed head. "Blind Lady Justice" Natasha Genovese - (also of NFW fame but the BLJ tag will be explained in later pieces.) Operating...
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    Randalls, Campbell, Southern, Hornet, Ryconik, Castinetti .. Fun to be had by all

    He watched as Aidan Campbell slept. It was remarkable how much you could learn by watching small glimpses of the subconscious at work. His pupil had dreams, not that it mattered much for most; everybody has dreams. This was different. Mike Randalls had spent the better part of his life...
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    Wrestling! Open Invitational Tourney

    In the event league members here haven't noticed yet, there's a new project coming and with that project an old tournament gets new life. Information can be found here. http://www.wr2005.com (ignore the midgets they get testy sometimes.) Go ahead and post in the Wrestling! forum area, even...
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    ..and on the eighth day.. (Troy, Genovese)

    Summer in the Northeast. It had the potential for being pleasant, mild and comfortable.Potential was the key word. Natasha Genovese had hoped that the weather would be better for her meeting with Lindsay Troy, and for the most part she was happy. Today was the first day the weathermen had been...
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    Smoking.. (Sullivan, Genovese, Campbell, Troy)

    The scene opens to an early morning meeting in an office we’ve seen many times before. It was still early in the business day and as light filtered across the room it was quickly noticeable that cleaning crews hadn’t been allowed in to do their jobs in quite a bit. Dust hangs in the air...
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    Raised by Wolves

    Scene: Midnight to Early Morning, the cameras pan across an empty street in central College Park. The only activity seen is the small trickle of patrons slowly leaving through the bronze-handled doors of the local pub. A light breeze cascades around the building and forces the hinges upon the...
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    The Bargain.. part two of Hell and Golf Cleats

    “So what can I do for this special sort of man?” Aidan allowed himself to finish the glass of wine. He knew Carlo bought this vintage on the day of his accident. He may as well have been drinking his own blood. Their eyes locked. This was to be the opening move in a chess match that would...
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    The path to hell is best travelled in golf cleats

    He had always wondered what it would feel like to kill someone. With so much of ourselves built on moral and ethical guidelines he expected that the event would be religiously moving, almost an epiphany of regret. What he felt was an epiphany in the truest sense of the word. He wanted to kill...
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    It all begins in New Jersey.

    When Lucifer fell from Heaven and found his way to hell, what they really meant to say was “On the Eighth day.. God created New Jersey.” We find ourselves a few days since the last Crash TV. The sound of rain can be heard against steel. Wiper blades silently wash away the obscurity and...
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    Note on Week 13: Wildside (and other things)

    Week 13's wildside segment is a wash due to my schedule. I will not be able to deliver. Involved parties are already informed. The Aidan Campbell character will be on hiatus through Week 15. I have had so much going on that my floon is insanely low. The moments I've had to sit at a computer...
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    The return of the Wild Side.

    Ok so I need a better name for the segment.. sue me. Here's the skinny, I'm shelving Campbell for a week or two to let him fully recover from his injuries as I'm tired of writing him into asskickings :) and there are a bunch of storylines I need to either set up or knock down that need him out...
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    A Brief word on voice-overs. Since I’ve started writing for NFW I’ve noticed a few rumblings about the perceived use of voice-overs in my pieces because of the way I state the thoughts and feelings of characters in those pieces. I first noticed this over at the fwtorch site and later a small...
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    Note on Ryan v. Campbell

    Ryan v. Campbell is signed I had hoped to see Ryan v. Campbell v. Rabesque. However, since we have another requested three way dance above and it is unlikely that one card will have 2 of them I will recind my challenge for the three way should the other one come together first. I am also...
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    Campbell goes to Boston. (Sullivan, Miles, Merritt, Hornet)

    "Mr. Sullivan will see you now.." It was a long trip, nothing like the Garden State parkway in March. As always, when something had to be inconvenient, it also had to be as much a pain in the ass as possible. Small elements of snow can be seen slowly drifting off of the shoulders of Campbell...
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    Homecoming Issue 1, Parts 1 and 2

    Fed: New Frontier Wrestling PC: “Wild Child” Aidan Campbell Date: 2 March 2004. Series: Homecoming Issue: 1 Begin Part One– “Light a fire for a man, and he’s warm for the night. Light that man on fire and he’ll be warm for the rest of his life.” - Aidan Campbell, Mid South Hospital, June...
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    CSWA Promo: Machine (Part 1)

    Promo Type: Prepared Media Presentation Handler: Aidan Campbell Character: Machine Subject: Review On-Time San Jose, Prep Primetime San Diego /scene/ The camera opens to a ground level shot of pavement. The edge of a double-yellow line can be made out at a high degree of angle as the camera...

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