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  1. AOD

    LCW Reunion Show

    Yes, that's right ... Limestone City Wrestling is returning for one night only! I am currently looking to see who is interested in adding their name to the roster for the event. Once I have a roster, I will begin booking the event. I anticipate the show to take place in September to give us...
  2. AOD

    ECW One Night Stand - Fantasy Booking

    Below is a list of people scheduled to appear at ECW One Night Stand. I was curious to see how people would book the event. Note: This list was taken from the Internet Movie Database (imdb.com). Paul Heyman Tony Mamaluke Bill Alfonso Mike Awesome C.W. Anderson Steve Austin Chris Benoit...
  3. AOD

    Breaking News Regarding Angel of Death!

    (Scene opens to Kandi Reed standing in front of a EUWC backdrop.) Kandi: Ladies and gentlemen, I have just been told that Angel of Death has been granted a leave of abscence from the Board of Directors. Apparently, the private investigators that AOD had hired to delve into the mystery of his...
  4. AOD

    Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame

    In the spirit of the WWE Hall of Fame, and my post in that thread, I created this thread for people to suggest other inductees to an industry wide HOF. To review, here are my suggestions: Lou Thesz: Led the National Wrestling Alliance during it's reign as the "big times" in the industry...
  5. AOD


    This is a short message of congratulations to Woad's handler, Tom. He is a proud father now, to a son named Isaac. Unfortunately, that is all the information I have. Tom, feel free to email or phone if you have any fathering questions ... I know how hard the first one can be. Adam
  6. AOD

    Three times the ... fun ...

    {Suddenly, the screen jumps as if it has just been turned on. As it clears, only a blank black screen can be seen. A few seconds pass, and white lettering begins to scroll up the screen, much like the openings of the Star Wars movies.} Three Stages of Hell ... Three matches, one night ...

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