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    Something I did with Joe's Awesome Posers.

    that's something that i might start doing...promoting major matches with little Advertisement things to be displayed on the main page or something... feedback would be nice.
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    Ronnie Valentine Vignette no.2

    (Cheesy Music Plays In The Background As A Pink Screen Comes Up And A Fancy Handwriting Text That Reads: LoveLink Video The Screen Fades Into an Obvious Low Budget Studio. On The Screen Is An Amazingly Handsome Young Man...This Man's Name Is Ronnie Valentine...) RV: Hello All You Beautiful...
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    Ronnie Valentine Vignette

    (Bright Light Flashes...A Silhouette of a Man appears in the bright white light....We Hear A heartbeat. A Pink Flash Goes Off Everytime the heart throbs...The Figure Begins walking towards the Camera... The Screen Cuts To Black With The Text: "One Man..." We Go Back To The White And Pink...

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