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    Was the deadline for Bracket One, Round One roleplays at midnight last night? I just see people still posting roleplays, and in y first round match that makes it 2-1 in volume to my opponent. Does his second one count at all? If so, do I get to respond and viciously savage him? Etc etc.Apologies...
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    Rook Black

    You escaped with your National Title intact, but only by nefarious means more suited to mine own self, Doctor Curiosity. A rematch I demand, with a pinfall to decide it all.
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    A tragedy

    A man walks down a hallway, holding a bunch of slightly wilted flowers. He checks doors that have numbers on them, but this is not a hotel, it is an expensive private hospital. "Excuse me," says the man to a passing nurse. "Do you know where Room 27b is? I'm here to see Chris Goodman." The...
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    Doctor Curiosity

    Wrestler Name: Doctor Curiosity Real Name: Chris Goodman Birthdate: 29th February 1976 Hometown: Berlin, Germany (allegedly) Height: 6' 1' Weight: 190 lbs. Nicknames: Ze Curious One, The Not-So-Good Doctor Status: Heel Entrance Music: 'Call The Doctor' by Sleater-Kinney Gimmick: Mad...

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