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    Kenneth Williams

    WRESTLER INFORMATION Name: Kenneth Williams Height: 6'2 Weight: 240 lbs. Hometown: Savannah, Georgia Face/Heel: Heel Appearance: African-American. Stocky build; medium heavyset. Light Chocolate complexion. Short haircut (black), Waved Hair. Thin mustache with some stubble. History: 2 Years of...
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    What's Up

    I'm lookin to be a usual around these parts and didn't wanna be a stranger so my name is Kenny and I used to be apart of the EUWC before everything went alittle topsy turvy there. So I thought I might as well join up with you guys over here where there are alotta familiar faces.
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    So What's Up

    Hello dudes! I just sent in a app to join this fine establishment of a fed. Some of you here might remember me from EUWC as Kenny. Well I've been improving on my RP game so I'm a little better and I'm looking to improve. So just dropping by here and letting everyone that I'm here and if accepted...

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