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  1. Showtime

    Old RPers seeks group

    Hello everybody, I am a long-ago handler who has e-fedded off and on since 1996. i seek an open and active efed to work with. Am I in the right place, and when can I start?
  2. Showtime

    Regrouping the House of Hill

    [There is no joy in Hillville today, no there is joy at all. Poor J.J. and Sammy have both struck out at Slamtrack, and now they wallow in woe. Sam and J.J. sit mopily in folding chairs while Simon, their brother and cousin respectively, stands behind them, an pensive look on his face. A pen and...
  3. Showtime

    Simon Hill - State of the Nation

    (The green screen today is a bit peculiar, it looks like a montage of stock sword juggling footage. A very low-volume version of "Sabre Dance", played on kazoos makes for an unusual ambiance. Sitting in a comfy-looking wingback fauz-leather chair is "Sabre" Simon Hill. Explains the imagery.)...
  4. Showtime

    RLW Behind the Scenes: The House of Hill

    Simon Hill: Just lemme know when we're rolling. [We see the DePaul RLW production room, a green screen in the back of the shot, three people in the front of. The shot. Seriously, it Simon, Sam and J.J. Hill doing a promo. Do you need a diagram? Sigh, fine...
  5. Showtime

    The House of Hill

    Wrestler Name: Sam Hill Nicknames (if applicable): Redneck Ninja Height: 5'10" Weight: 191 lbs Hometown: St. Paul, MN Birthdate: June 3, 1990 Physical appearance: Lean and wiry, brown, shoulder-length wild hair and a slightly mad look about him. Ring gear: Camo pants with matching...
  6. Showtime

    looking for more e-fedders

    I too have had problem with this yes. Now C1al1s Viagra email buy no tax! Nice.
  7. Showtime

    Oh dear...

    Looks like I misunderstand the purpose of the "public" box on RPs. Seems like I should ask more questions in the future. So I apologize for the abridged and ultimately post-modern in its simplicity RP from Eddie Whisky.
  8. Showtime

    Eddie Whisky

    Name: [redacted] Preferred Method of Handling: RP Best Way to Contact You: Forum profile eWrestling Experience: A lot How did you find Defiance? The FWrestling boards Writing Sample Here's Eddie first-round UltraTitle 2012 RP: Funny thing about Eddie Whisky; what he gets away with in...
  9. Showtime

    Jim Black

    Handler Information Name: Patrick Allain Email Address: allainland(at)hotmail(dawt)com Preferred Method of Handling: Roleplay Best Way to Contact You: email. eWrestling Experience: Been at it since 1998. From simmed play-by-email on TNM7 to assistant fed-head, match-writing and all things...
  10. Showtime


    I have just received a kind invite from Voss for my fellows Showtime & Jim Black, AKA ReBorn. If I might post their looks for a spriting (pended acceptance of course) here: Jim Black Showtime One is a straight up asshole, the other is an psychopathic, ambiguously gay Liza Minelli wannabe...
  11. Showtime

    Old Ewrestling Mark seeks new home

    I've handled off-and-on in the e-fed world since 1998 and am once again having a wrasslin' Jones. I have handled IWF and IGC and am no stranger to FW Central. Is any FW Central organization seeking new (or old as it were) handlers?
  12. Showtime

    Anyone recruiting?

    Hi, I am Patrick, I go by handle Showtime and have e-fedded off and on since 1998. I recently saw both efed stalwarts GCW and WWA shut their doors, so I find myself (my wrestlers anyway) without a home. Are any of the FW wrestling family recruiting right now?
  13. Showtime

    Eddie Whisky

    Since he's volunteered for the next show... --------------------------------------------------- Wrestler Name: Eddie Whiksy Nicknames: The Man O' War Billed From: San Francisco, CA Height: 6'6' Weight: 287 lbs.Alignment: Heel Theme Music: "Ride of the Valkyries" played on a chorus of kazoos...
  14. Showtime


    Wrestler Name: Sabre Nicknames: Billed From: Parts Unknown Height: 6'4" Weight: 231 lbs Alignment: Heel Theme Music: Anitra's Dance from the Peer Gynt Suite by Grieg Ring Entrance: As Anitra's Dance from the Peer Gynt Suite by Grieg plays on the area sound system, the lights go dark. A...
  15. Showtime

    I say, Ford...

    I despair to say that your pm box is full. Frightfully poor luck.
  16. Showtime


    A Little Bit About You - Your Name: Patrick Allain Your Age: 37? 38? I kinda forget. Years e-Fedding: 13 years How may we contact you?: FW board PM And Now, Who Will You Be Handling? - Name: Sabre Age: 28 Hometown: Parts Unknown Amount of Experience: 6 years as pro, 2 years as ring crew prior...
  17. Showtime

    Eddie Whisky feedback

    Okay, so this is a few months later since I diverged greatly from my usual characters' style or either cocky face or cowardly heel. What works, what doesn't work and how can I better use Eddie Whisky?
  18. Showtime

    Dirtsheet Generator

    Good fun: http://lolwrestling.com/play/sheet/index.php Here's the poop on IWF... Marketing ideas for Mary-Lynn Mayweather vs PerfectionIn the new NAACP issue featuring a piece on a day in the life of Spooky Doom, the IWF executive says they are looking to the Twilight movie series to market...
  19. Showtime

    One Roster Page?

    Would it be possible to have a centralized page with all the bios for ULTRATITLE participants? This way I can get a better idea who I'm up against, as well as crib them all to add to my TEW 2005 e-wrestling database.
  20. Showtime

    How Many Slots left?

    I am a new addition to the FW family, having been involved with IWF since December. I certainly would like to sign up, but will not be free to RP an intro on my application until at least Wednesday April 11. So I was wondering how many entry slots are left. Have I overlooked this in the faqs...

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