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  1. dillonator


    My name is Dillon...or that's what people usually called me by. I did stuff. Some of it was good, most of it probably sucked, all around the different angle communities and PTC, with a flaky shit run in FW with NFW back in season 2. Handled Brandon Youngblood and Terrence Kingsley. Was 'fun'...
  2. dillonator

    1st Annual Internet Wrestling Smack Off

    Everyone here thinks they can talk mad smack. They think that they are badass when it comes to making fun of things and making those around them laugh. Well, guess what, you probably aren't that good. Everyone here probably has a character or such that has ripped others apart verbally. It's...
  3. dillonator

    Stupid Cheddar Cheese Crackers...

    Um...hey. My name is Aaron, but I go by Dillon or whatever. I handle Brandon Youngblood in that there Squared Circle and should be doing some reports or whatever once my lazy ass gets into gear. I'm new here, so BLARGH~! That is all.

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