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  1. Aidan

    Old bastard

    Hey folks. Old bastard with writing skill looking for something somewhat laid back to contribute to. Other long timers around here should feel they know my strengths and weaknesses, just add about 10 years of age and the mellow that goes with and you're right on point. If interested, PM...
  2. Aidan

    Not sure the term prodigal fits.. Hey all.

    Went away for a while to recover from an absolute *****. While I was out also handled an educational itch. So I come back and notice that all the feds I like to follow are over here. ..and all the stuff I dislike about the hobby is over there.. where ever there is. Place feels comfy. I won't...
  3. Aidan

    Aidan Campbell

    MEMBER INFORMATION: Name: (for online privacy reasons just call me Al, I get searched alot on google for career reasons and this hobby is strange sometimes.) Email Address: aidan@w316.com AIM: campbellren Preferred Method of Handling: right handed with left cupped around balls...

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