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  1. Greggy

    Getting new people into Match Writing

    Greetings all! My name is Greg. I'm the head GM at a match writing efed called the Xtreme Wrestling Association. We've been around since 2008. Recently, we've come into a sort of drought where we are running low on fedders and even more low on fedders with motivation. As a match writing fed...
  2. Greggy

    XWA offers new talent opportunities in Million Dollar Chamber and Tag Team Division

    XTREME WRESTLING ASSOCIATION Founded in 2008 The Xtreme Wrestling Association is one of the longest running match-writing eFeds opening in 2008. In the XWA, we are centered on providing a fun experience for every member, fedder or staff, and look to help you improve as a writer while giving you...
  3. Greggy

    Greetings all!

    Hello! My name is Greg! I'm a fedder from a match-writing fed called Xtreme Wrestling Association, where I have been fedding for 5 years now. My character name is "The Maine Attraction" Greg Samuel. I came here to enjoy some conversation about fedding and bring the match-writing perspective! I...

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