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    Take A Look...

    Fed: Hardcore Wrestling Organization Owner: Trevor (14 years or so participating in this hobby as a Fed Head and Handler.) About the hWo: I use to run the hWo back from 2000 – 2004. I’ll be honest our longest run during that period was nine months. Had some down time due to computer breaking...
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    The IWA

    Hey all, I have just recently open a new angle e-fed Innovation wrestling alliance. We’re looking for a few more dedicate handlers to join on with the IWA. We are looking to release our first show in the middle of May sometime. If you are interested in applying head on over to the IWA website...
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    Hey, I’ve been away from the hobby for some time now. The last month or so I’ve been working on a brand new angle efed. Everything that needs to be done is pretty much completed, so now I’m looking for handlers that want to be apart of it. If you are interested drop me a PM with your contacts...
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    Why Hello There...(Angle Efed)

    I’ve been in the planning of opening a new angle efed. I don’t really want to discuss too much about it right now, as I’m still in the planning stages (Most is planned out though). But I will release some information in hopes to gain some interest, and handlers at the same time. Fed Name...
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    Applications are open. Site: http://hwo.fwrestling.com Application: http://hwo.fwrestling.com/tryout.shtml -Trevor
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    Scarred For Life Thoughs?

    What did you think of the show? -Trevor
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    [Vendetta 1] Kenny Davis Vs JS Wrestler

    You Can beginning roleplaying for this match now. And when I remember Jordon Snow wrestler I'll change the title. -Trevor
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    [Vendetta 1] Julius Fristik Vs Streets

    You Can beginning roleplaying for this match now. -Trevor
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    [Vendetta 1] Spade Vs Ken Kaze

    You Can beginning roleplaying for this match now. -Trevor
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    [Vendetta 1]The Butcher Vs Payne Fosters

    You Can beginning roleplaying for this match now. -Trevor
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    hWo Update

    Alright so finally scarred for life has been posted...YAY! you can view it right here... http://hwo.fwrestling.com/ppv/scarredforlife2005.shtml and I've also posted up the card for Vendetta which happens on July 26th, 2005. (I still have to change the date on this page.)...
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    SFL Update

    Yeah so I've fallen behind with the results...I apologize for this, but Results will not be going up until tommorrow sometime. The time I am guessing is probably just after Raw finishes. Expect the card for Vendetta to go up after the Results are posted. -Trevor Also this gives everybody a...
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    Role-Playing Over

    No more roleplays will be counted from here on out. -Trevor
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    The Butcher posted a rp but it never showed up on the main part of the roleplay forums for the hWo. It says there has been no replies but he did reply with his roleplay. http://www.fwrestling.com/fwc/showthread.php?t=11940 -Trevor
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    How would you prefer the results to be, please answer the Poll. Present Tense (Novel Style) - No commentary in the shows. Present Tense (Script Style) - Play By Play commentary in the shows.
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    [Scarred For Life]Cage Of Terror Match

    You can begin role-playing for this match. Remember everybody on the hWo roster will be in this match. -Trevor
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    [Scarred For Life]The Butcher Vs Payne Fosters

    You can begin role-playing for this match. -Trevor
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    [Scarred For Life]Ken Kaze Vs Alchemist

    You can begin role-playing for this match. -Trevor
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    [Scarred For Life]Julius Fristik Vs Spade

    You can begin role-playing for this match. -Trevor
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    [Scarred For Life]Streets Vs Jack Owyns

    [Scarred For Life]Streets Vs Kenny Davis You can begin role-playing for this match. Edited: July 11th, 2005. -Trevor

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