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    return to the VZ

    What’s the old saying? “The More Things Change, the More they Stay the Same”? It seemed all too true on this day in central San Diego, California. Here, students spent hours throwing themselves around an unforgiving landscape. Throwing themselves at eachother. Each of them with the same dream...
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    so close, indeed

    [updated:LAST EDITED ON Jul-07-03 AT 11:10 PM (EST)]The fans filed from their seats like orderly, well-trained sheep. Their grimy hands filled with cameras, empty cups, and pointless, overpriced event programs, they trudged and huffed their way up the arena-steps happy and content - their...
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    wolf at the door

    [updated:LAST EDITED ON Jun-27-03 AT 00:11 AM (EST)]Staring at the reflection looking up at him from the alcohol in his glass, Max Blackshire was sullen and reserved. The bar room around him and the other patrons that filled it barely existed in Max’s mind. It was just him, his stool, and his...
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    crossing burnt bridges

    Seated indian-style on his living room floor, Cassidy Stewart fumbled with the cordless telephone he held propped between his cheek and shoulder, eyes squinting, brow furrowed. “Yeah, I know, sweetheart..........”, he said into the phone as he fidgetted with the VCR’s buttons, eyes flitting...
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    Formal Introduction and a Poll!

    [updated:LAST EDITED ON Jun-18-03 AT 11:16 PM (EST)]Hello. My name is Paul Brisbin and I'll be handling Max Blackshire here in lovely, downtown, spacious GXW. I know some of you, others I don't. I figure this might be a good time to both remedy that lil' problem as well as maybe have the guys...
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    [updated:LAST EDITED ON Jun-16-03 AT 11:48 PM (EST)]Hands clenched into stone fists, he found himself planted in place. His eyes narrowed to unforgiving slits, he stared at nothing, his mind racing against itself. He had extinguished all other options, searched out every other possibility. Hopes...
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    getting what is owed.

    Now. His self-imposed exile was to come to an end. Days had stretched into weeks just as weeks stretched into months, until time became irrelevant. Just like before. He eagerly stepped out of the yellow taxi cab and shut the door behind him, taking in the massive complex sprawled out before...

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