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  1. bernard

    Left in a ‘Cross’ Mood

    Left in a ‘Cross’ Mood Cleaver O’Connor shot up in his bed. His heart raced and he tried to calm himself down by having a few swallows from bedside water glass. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to work. He spilled from his bed, stubbing his toe on a corner of his bed frame as he walked blindly...
  2. bernard

    Café Conversation // B Side

    Café Conversation // B Side “Hmm...Gold mining. Now That's an interesting profession,” she remarked honestly. “I bet it gets mighty cutthroat down in those cramped, dirty tunnels.” Cleaver clasped the top of her hand and gazed at her solemnly. “You have no idea, ma’am.” He sat back and took...
  3. bernard

    Café Conversation // A Side

    Café Conversation // A Side “Well, there’s slitting your wrists...drinking poison... and...hanging yourself. Have I already mentioned slitting your wrists?” Cleaver O’Connor asked. His huge, green eyes looked up from the cafe countertop and in to the eyes of an older woman. Betty was her name...
  4. bernard

    Cleaver O'Connor Appearance

    I doubt that you guys care but I threw together a poser for my CSWA character, Cleaver O'Connor, who will be owning all of your characters someday. :). I'm only joking. Anywho, here's what my former carpenter/model/police officer looks like. -Bernard Poser God.
  5. bernard

    OOC: Deadlines?

    What are the deadline rules for the Primetime show? Will it be officially announced when the card is released or what? And, how does one get involved in Primetime cards? Is it open to all wrestlers or just the more established folk like Eli and Windham and the Wasp or whatever he's called get...
  6. bernard

    Statement Without Words.

    His hands were scarred, yet surprisingly soft. In his grip was a pen, instead of his usual saw or handgun. In his lap sat a small composition notebook, ready to be filled with Cleaver O'Connor's personal "Log of Life." The years had passed by like an incoming wave, and he hoped that by recording...
  7. bernard

    Hey Guys!

    This is Bernard, and I handle Jeremy and Shirley Savage over at the fWo. It's really great to see the CSWA ball rolling again. I dropped by and was pleasantly surprised by the progress. Read a few shows and RP's and I like what I see. Expect more from me soon. :D

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