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  1. Seth

    (Tag Team) Those Parker Lions - Lane and Holden Parker

    You got the votes and I'm satisfied with the willingness to tweak movesets and things. I'll get you bios set up this weekend and since it's about to be a new arc, perfect time to jump back in.
  2. Seth

    Grant Kingston

    Yes from me as well. Character has a lot of potential I think in a scrappy underdog I feel. That is four
  3. Seth


    Also a no here from me for reasons listed by Brusch. Not happening here.
  4. Seth

    David Noble - Application

    Welcome back, sir! I will vote yes as well.
  5. Seth

    Corvo Alpha

    I vote yes as well, solid app.
  6. Seth

    Rick Dickulous

    (Posted for Jeff) Name: Jeff MaGee Email Address: jeffery . magee . 79 @ hotmail.com Best Way to Contact You: Facebook Messenger, Discord DM, Text Message, Phone Call, email..in order of precedence. eWrestling Experience: 3 years N*FW (1999 - 2002), 2 years NFW (2017 - 2019), approx 6...
  7. Seth

    MAXIMUM DEFIANCE Feedback Thread

    Stolen word for word by another thread because I am not good at this, but should be said: This is where the backs can be fed for this arc! Let us know what you thought! Do the back of the feeding however you like, and let your fellow writers know how they did. In no way does this have to be...
  8. Seth


    Hey, folks, I was away the last couple of days on a camping trip and got back last night. I wanted to check if we ever posted an UNCUT? I had a seg and match for it, but I checked last night when I got back and didn't see there was one available for booking. No biggie at all as they can both...
  9. Seth

    "Twists and Turns" Oscar Burns

    Hi, everybody. :) Handler Information Name: Seth Sheehan Email Address: sheehanseth at gmail dot ocm Best Way to Contact You: Forum PM these days, though I will try to make time for Skype if I can. eWrestling Experience: DEFIANCE, of course. nbW, LoC, jOlt, ACW, tSC, EPW… and many, many, many...
  10. Seth

    All New Everything? So Says Mack Brody in an Exclusive Interview

    All New Everything? Sometimes when things don’t appear to be going your way, change is in order. At least, that’s what jOlt Superstar, Mack Brody, has been saying. Recently falling on a bit of hard times with the breakup of perhaps one of wrestling’s most dominant tandems, the Heirs of...
  11. Seth

    Countdown To Host Uncensored Face To Face!

    We have just received word that the week before one of the more controversial jOlt Championship matches in history at Breakdown, the next Countdown special will feature an exclusive face to face confrontation between jOlt World Champion ‘jOlt’s Last Real Man’ Jeremy Ryan and the #1 Contender to...
  12. Seth

    BREAKING NEWS - Top jOlt Superstar Suspended Indefinitely!

    We have breaking news following the events of jOlt's latest Pay-Per-View offering, Wrestlecade II. Effective immediately, the self-proclaimed "jOlt's Last Real Man" Jeremy Ryan has been suspended indefinitely. After a series of attacks on jOlt officials without provocation, jOlt CEO Damien Lee...
  13. Seth

    Friendly heads up

    Just a heads up, next week I will be taking a brief trip to California to visit some family and won't be doing any writing during that time. I'll be gone from Wednesday Aug 27 through Saturday morning, Aug 30.
  14. Seth

    New Team HOSS theme

    Looking for a new theme song for DEFIANCE's resident big bastards. Something that screams out "hey, we're all monsters and shit" or something conveying the general message that they like to hurt people. Any and all help is appreciated. Joke comments are also appreciated, but only if they're funny.
  15. Seth

    NPC: Kyoto Kombi - Match Writing Aid

    Team Name: Kyoto Kombi I read in another thread how others thought it may be a good idea to have some dedicated NPCs for DEFIANCE to use for matches and things like that, so I thought I’d add a group here. I used them once here for what I believe was Team HOSS’s debut match in DEFIANCE and...
  16. Seth


    Will be updated gradually. BIO LINK: http://defiancewrestling.com/bio.php?username=teamhoss Personality: Junior Keeling - the manager/official "Voice of Team HOSS". He's reminiscent of a lanky hipster version of a Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. He's mouthy, arrogant, tells it like he sees it, and...
  17. Seth

    Team HOSS: Japan Tour Arc Bookings

    The story so far: Team HOSS are managed by Virginia-based Superagent Junior Keeling, a smug, overeducated douchebag with a gift of gab and building up hype. He sees money-making potential in the trio as unrepentant bruisers and as such, hypes them in any way possible (even not-so-subtly bribing...
  18. Seth


    Apologies if this is kind of jumping the gun since there's ASCENSION on the docket still, but would there be any trios folks looking for a feud next arc? If so, feel free to PM me and we can get cracking on some ideas.
  19. Seth

    Team HOSS

    Handler Information Before starting off this application, I do owe you guys an apology for fucking off my last go-round here. I took on more than I could handle at the time writing wise and because I hadn’t been doing much here, I vanished without a peep that was pretty douchy. Justin...
  20. Seth

    ACW Legends Kick-Off Tour - Sydney, Nova Scotia (attendance: 5,500)

    ACW Live House Show Results June 17th, 2013 Centre 200 Sydney, Nova Scotia Report by Evan Anders Hey, guys, it’s your old buddy, pal, amigo, referee, and host of World.Wide.Wrestlecide, Evan Anders! Tonight, we’re going to be bringing you an exclusive look at our beginning of the House Show...

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