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  1. TH

    Round 2 Hype Thread

    For all the winners of no-shows and jobber matches and the round 1 winners announced so far, let's get it up for the second round. While Umpiro lost, I've got GOP geared up for a big run. I already started writing the narrative/story RPs, and I can't wait for you guys to read it. Also can't wait...
  2. TH

    Llévame a la pelota

    Llévame a la pelota Translated from Spanish UMPIRO: Ah yes, the ULTRATITLE tournament, the pinnacle of wrestling. Its lore has reached as far south as Acapulco and east as the Yucatan. Even in the lands where lucha libre reigns supreme, the ultimate gold of the trophy casts out a siren call...
  3. TH

    Who wants to see some Republican titties?

    Miss Maverick: Well don't cha' know it's Casual Friday here at the campaign offices of the Phantom Republican. You guys know what that means! T-shirts and jean skirts and tennis shoes! I love winding down in my street clothes almost as much as I like shooting wildlife from a helicopter don't cha...
  4. TH


    I guess I should've done this sooner. Hi everyone again. I missed you. Did you miss me?
  5. TH

    I'm out guys

    I have a confession to make. My heart really hasn't been in this for awhile now. The match you just read was Michael Bastard's last for the foreseeable future. It's also my last e-fed match for at least awhile now. I'd like to say that if this the last time I'm here as an active handler, it's...
  6. TH

    JA's In-Character, Out-of-Kayfabe Blog

    http://angloluchador.blogspot.com/2010/07/new-lease-on-life.html Yes, the e-fed blog is back and it'll be an in-character, out-of-kayfabe POV from the rehabbing Jericoholic Anonymous. Read as he tries to work his way back to the bigs, recovering from his injuries and commenting on everything...
  7. TH

    Open Invite for TWB's Draft Spectacular

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for a fourth person to fill out a feature for The Wrestling Blog next week. In honor of the WWE Draft, I'm going to be doing up a mock draft that presupposes that each major wrestling promotion that has national TV goes out of business, and the four new companies that...
  8. TH

    Ask Me Questions for the Wrestling Blog!

    http://ow.ly/1ugaF I'm soliciting for easy blog content and I need YOUR help. Who? You? Yes, you! I want you to ask me questions that I can answer for future blog mailbag entries. They can be about anything, but I'd prefer them to be about wrestling for obvious reasons. Sometimes, the best blog...
  9. TH

    Masaharu Keichigawa

    Name: Masaharu Keichigawa Other Aliases: none yet Gender: male Height: 6'2" Weight: 248 lbs. Hometown: Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture, Japan Age: 22 Music: "One-Winged Angel" The Black Mages - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5st0b3ln5U Ring Entrance: White and gold strobe lights alternate as...
  10. TH

    Open Casting Call: TEAM InterfedHead

    Alright, since Adam has kinda disappeared, I'm putting out an open casting call for someone to retake the reins of TEAM. I'd love to, but at this point, I feel like I'd be doing a great disservice to myself and everybody else. However, I'd hate to see this thing die with the TiT going...
  11. TH

    Michael Bastard

    NAME: Michael Bastard HEIGHT: 5'11" WEIGHT: 228 lbs. FROM: Flint, MI APPEARANCE: Wide-eyed, bags always underneath them. He always looks like he hasn't slept in days. Buzz-cut brown hair, permanent five o'clock shadow. Very little body fat. Tattoos adorn his shoulders, upper back and upper arms...
  12. TH

    The Original

    http://angloluchador.blogspot.com/ Hopefully, more updates rather than fewer.
  13. TH

    So, did you miss me?

    I know you didn't :p But yeah, I'm coming back soon. The rumors are true!
  14. TH

    Draft Judging Thread~!

    Rather than throw up a poll, I'm gonna do the judging this way. You choose your top three feds drafts in order and give a brief explanation as to why you picked them. Anyone is free to judge, whether you were in the draft or not. However, if you were in the draft and you judge, you may not rank...
  15. TH

    Booking Thread... OF DOOM~!

    This is an optional exercise for people who drafted. Take your roster and book it through the first PPV at the very least. There will be a separate judging round and winner from the booking if enough people sign up for it. Deadline for entry will be August 14th, 11:59 PM-ish.
  16. TH

    Es FINITO~!

    Draft's over. Everyone make sure they have 18 members on their roster, and if not, make the post-draft supplementary picks before we proceed. Also, discuss in here how we decide the winner, whether there will be trades or not or whether we want to have a free-agent period to supplement the rosters.
  17. TH

    Down the shore

    I'll be gone until Sunday, later on. In my stead, Brunk will draft for me.
  18. TH

    RIP Michael Jackson

    Cardiac arrest. 20 minutes ago. Yeah, he was a suspected kiddie toucher, but like Benoit, you don't have to honor the man to honor his work. Celebrities have been dropping left and right since Misawa died. ****.
  19. TH

    Draft Discussion

    Basically, here's where we come to talk about the picks made, banter, mock people for their reaches :p etc.
  20. TH

    F.A.Q. Thread

    I'll post this thread as a FAQ thread for people. I'll also be posting general questions I get in PMs, like this one: Are we drafting only current wrestlers, or anyone who has ever competed? Anyone who has ever competed, from the utterly defunct like Wall to the brandest of the brand new like...

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