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  1. J

    Bruhh Nasty

    So disclaimer, I was handling MDK for Brian as he worked his Douglas/MDK angle and in all honesty, I bailed because I was uninspired, it just wasn't fun for me, mainly because it was Brian's story to tell and I had little input on the arch. So, if you'll have me back here's a character I...
  2. J

    So, I'm back up in the game.

    Return of the Mack Part 1 Charleston, South Carolina Two lone figures dressed in very expensive looking suits can be seen, standing side by side in front of a large abandoned building. As we zoom, we come to notice one of the figures, a slightly gray bearded black man kneel over and rub his...
  3. J

    Ladi Dadi, I Spell Bircardi

    Once again back is the incomparable Simon Alex Theodore... 1970's ONLY SPELLING BEE WINNER.. Brilliance personified, the whitest guy with the biggest penis... yes, he is... Simon Alex Theodore... Or as the CSWA would call him, S.A.T baby... S.A.T. can be seen pencil and paper in hand going to...
  4. J

    And *STILL* Spelling Bee Champeen Of THE World

    It's been a crazy couple of days here in the CSWA since the airing of the long anticipated Gold Rush event and the unfortunate disappointment of seeing Simon Alex Theodore fall just short of dethroning the United States champion, KenHiroshimo , and his night ended abruptly after a devastating...
  5. J

    Training Day 101

    OPEN 6:30AM Simon Theodore has officially begun training for the CSWA Anniversary Gold Rush competition, dressed in a all white athletic sweatsuit and a white bandana which reads "Nerd's Rule!!" in big bold lettering, he does a few routine stretches before starting his regimen "Donkey Kong...
  6. J

    NERD's RULE enter: Simon Theodore

    OPEN After an exhausting mind boggling game of Magic: The Gathering, Olivia Geekman and CSWA newcomer Simon Theodore rest at theire kitchen table inside a massive two bedroom apartment. Simon had been placed in the GOLD RUSH event and wasn't too enthused about the oppurtunity of being...

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