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  1. True Life

    "The Ruthless" Lobo

    Check out the 'official' Blog: http://ruthlessblog.wordpress.com It's a new gimmick, I haven't put much thought into making him up. I'll just watch how he will develop. I know the Roleplays are not so fine yet, but starting seems always hard for me (except the very first RP). Feedback would...
  2. True Life

    FWC Feds Suck At...

    The question is: what do FWC feds suck at compared to other big feds on the internet? For me 1 big point must be that they don't keep their websites fresh, I think there's maybe only 1 or 2 FWC feds who have a nice website and as well update it regularly. I think it's a big minus. And maybe...
  3. True Life


    ~The scene opens only mere moments after MCW’s Zero Hour. For weeks, even months, the MCW has been building up to this event. The moment where there would finally be a MCW World Champion crowned. With four men vying for the North American Championship, the next true MCW legend, Insurgent, could...
  4. True Life

    New Skin is Dopey-Diggity-Dope!

    Looks really awesome, just could be FW modified like the forum icons could say "FW" and the head could be changed too... Just wanted to tell you that this upgrade was worth it and the down time wasn't even long either.
  5. True Life

    Fill Me In

    Where does this fed all of the sudden come from and already got the first RP topics open? I mean I see no info anywhere about this fed and it's already having it's first show... where did people sign up? where did people get to know this fed?
  6. True Life

    Click Here!

    Support MCW by clicking following links everytime you come here:
  7. True Life

    Other Sites to promote your Fed

    post some URLs for me guys... :D
  8. True Life

    Little Suggestion

    When you post the line ups for the upcoming show maybe you could add a date and location, it could be used well in RPs at times. Even when the date delays you can keep the "fictional" date, know what I mean? just a sum sum that came in my mind a few days ago
  9. True Life

    What skin you guys use?

    just curious, I from now on will use the CSWA one, it just looks fresher
  10. True Life


    Will the website be updated any time soon?
  11. True Life

    Download Videos from iFilm, YouTube, PutFile, Google, MySpace and many other Sites...

    Check this out guys: http://javimoya.com/blog/youtube_en.php It's an amazing add-on for FireFox users. But the search option from the site works for none FF users or people for who the add-on won't work like me, too. Supported sites are right now: 57.
  12. True Life

    Playboy Mansion Invitational

    The scene opens infront of a big gate with the Playboy trademark logo on it. Like magic it opens itself a few seconds later. As the camera comes closer to the door it passes luxurious Bentleys, Jaguars and Mercedez' on the left and right, which are shining under the hot spring sun. Giggling...
  13. True Life

    FWC since '88?

    I was looking at the member list outta boredom and sorted it after the joining date and I saw Chad joining these forums in the year 1988 and the next person joining was westPREZ but 3 years later, what was you doing so long alone here Chad? :D
  14. True Life

    Need Application Form with Preview

    It should just work like the sign up script at TKO: http://www.tkowrestling.net/cgi-bin/apply.cgi It should tell if you missed to fill required fields and it should show a preview of the details before you submit it, so how do I do that? And if possible, I want to arrange in what order the...
  15. True Life

    Justin buys a new Showcase

    ((The cameras fade into an angle showing a lot of big white mansions in a Bel-Air kind of neighbourhood, every single one of the houses is unique as well. The cameras focus on one of the mansions and a few angles later there is a cut into the entrance hall of the mentioned mansion. While the...
  16. True Life

    Character Development

    I see FW Central as a big community and there can with a simple step be created a more interfed atmosphere: there should be only 1 character development forum on the whole board. Every league got his own and in many leagues it doesn't get rarely used anyway. If you put at the end of the League...
  17. True Life

    Just Insane!

    The picture fades in backstage and we regonice TEAM interviewer Dave Sullivan standing infront of a big TEAM logo creating a kind of wall. Weaponed with a microphone in the hand he'll probably tell us what he is doing there. Sullivan: "Welcome to T-E-A-M broadcasted live to you by the FWC...
  18. True Life

    An Idea I'm Using For My E-Fed

    My staff team will have one special job I haven't seen so far, I call him the Hype Boy (his name is Action Jackson), you could compare him to Fozzy from the ECW. When he's allowed he's at the ring while matches and hypes the fighters, in hardcore matches he feeds the competitors with weapons...
  19. True Life

    Welcome Me!

    If you don't, I won't talk to you! :D j/k
  20. True Life

    Looking for Poser v6.0 Tutorials...

    ... on creating Wrestlers and Titles. I've used Google but I find a lot of tutorials so can you maybe tell me what kind of tutorials do I have to find to learn how to create nice wrestlers and title belts? Thank you very much!

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