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    TUCKER G. ALSTON: Japan Tour Arc Bookings

    Show #1 Alston In Ring Seg - FINISHED Penn v. Alston I - FINISHED Show #2 Penn v. Alston II Show #3 Penn v. Alston III Show #4 TBD Blowoff Show Penn v. Alston IV
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    Rank Your Rockys

    Rocky III Rocky Rocky VI Rocky V Rocky IV Rocky II Anyone that puts IV as their #1 choice needs to rewatch them all and needs to stop living in the mid 90s. Discuss.
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    I've been working on a new character... I want opinions.

    I mean, I know Justin doesn't want Civil War vampire lesbian fan fiction but.....
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    Tucker G. Alston

    Handler Information Name: Pierson Email Address: piersonvanraalte@hotmail.com Preferred Method of Handling: Mostly RP, but I do enjoy a good angle Best Way to Contact You: Forum PM, e-mail. AIM if I’m ever on. eWrestling Experience: Wow, almost 20. How did you find Defiance? I’m a DEF original...
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    Who is Cobra?

    Who is Cobra? A simple generic name. One that has probably been mimicked, copied, even completely ripped off many times over in this business over the last two decades. A name so common, it would be hard to remember who was who, if you even cared. Over the last fifteen plus years in this...

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