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  1. Jonathon Winter

    Normal People, With Normal Lives...

    For 5/8 Crash TV. Vs. Rocko Daymon and David Tui. Jacob McKail should’ve seen it coming from a mile away. After all, anytime he had something good in his life, it was often cruelly snatched away for reasons beyond his comprehension. But this time it was different. This time he knew precisely...
  2. Jonathon Winter

    Jacob McKail

    MEMBER INFORMATION: Name: Kris Barton Email Address: kribsarton@gmail.com AIM: TCAJohnCrichton Preferred Method of Handling: RP Best Way to Contact you: pm/e-mail, but if you ever catch me on aim, don't be shy. WRESTLER INFORMATION: Name: Jacob McKail Nicknames: "Iron" or "Fearless" (as in...
  3. Jonathon Winter


    Hello peeps. Name's Kris and I'll be handling Jacob McKail over here next season. This place comes highly recomended from Lindz and Holzerman, so I'm looking forward to the challenge. Aim's TCAJohnCrichton if anyone wants to chat.

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