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  1. TBirdSCIL

    Crimson Calling

    Your Name: R. Ryan Strawsma Your Email Address: RudeFF72@aol.com Your AIM/Yahoo Screen Name: Rocko The Otter Wrestler's Name: Erik Black Wrestler's Age: 22 Height: 5'10" Weight: 237 lbs. Physical Description: Though smaller than the average run-of-the-mill wrestler, Erik Black has a well toned...
  2. TBirdSCIL

    Adam Benjamin

    Your Name Jeff Kane Your Email Address JaKanes@msn.com Your AIM/Yahoo Screen Name: Kane 0828 Wrestler's Name: "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin Wrestler's Age: 26 Height: 245 Weight: 6'4 Physical Description: A has the face of a GQ model and the body to go with it. From Head to toe Adam...
  3. TBirdSCIL

    Heathcliff Mars

    Your Name: Stephen Thomas Your Email Address: sthomas4@triad.rr.com Your AIM/Yahoo Screen Name: theheights1500 Wrestler's Name: Heathcliff Mars Wrestler's Age: 20 November 29, 1983 Height: 6’2 Weight: 174 Physical Description: On his eighteenth birthday Heathcliff was five-foot eight...
  4. TBirdSCIL

    Mr. Sandman

    Your Name: Garth Bishop Your Email Address: almightygarth@hotmail.com Your AIM/Yahoo Screen Name: AllPowerfulGARTH Wrestler's Name: Mr. Sandman Wrestler's Age: 28 years old Height: 6’5” Weight: 280 lbs Physical Description: Big, muscular, mean African-American male. Close-cut...
  5. TBirdSCIL


    Your Name: Gregg Gethard Your Email Address: gregg_gethard@yahoo.com Your AIM/Yahoo Screen Name: dudicaly2k Wrestler's Name: WildStar Wrestler's Age: 37 Height: 6'2" Weight: 225 Physical Description: Athletically built, very taut muscles, mullet-style haircut (shaved sides, neck-length...
  6. TBirdSCIL

    Alister Hayze

    Your Name: Jason Camp Your Email Address: jmcamp@prodigy.net Your AIM/Yahoo Screen Name: CandyPimp64 Wrestler's Name: Alister Hayze Wrestler's Age: 26 -- 3/06/78 Height: 5'10" Weight: 220 lbs. Physical Description: Hayze is, comparatively, a small guy, but he's really well-toned and...
  7. TBirdSCIL

    "Stupendous" Stephen Morgan

    Your Name: Jason Martin Your Email Address: jasonvmartin@yahoo.com Your AIM/Yahoo Screen Name: Cowboyz32 Wrestler's Name: "Stupendous" Stephen Morgan Wrestler's Age: 28 Height: 6'-4" Weight: 245 Physical Description: Long, blond hair usually tied in a pony tail with a muscular build. In his...
  8. TBirdSCIL


    Your Name: Joe Lebron Your Email Address: PowerDots@optonline.net Your AIM/Yahoo Screen Name: PowerDots Wrestler's Name: Maelstrom Wrestler's Age: Rumored to be in his late 20's to early 30's Height: 6'-9" Weight: Frequently ranges between 290 and 315 Physical Description: Muscular...
  9. TBirdSCIL

    "The Ego Buster" Dan Ryan

    Name: 'The Ego Buster' Dan Ryan Height: 6'7" Weight: 335 lbs Image: A well built caucasian man, built along the lines of Brock Lesnar with the added height. Blonde hair combed back. Usually wearing dark sunglasses. Comes to the ring with a black elbow pad on each elbow, black trunks and...
  10. TBirdSCIL

    Next Revolution

    Your Name: Jacob Strouckel Your Email Address: jdbadluck@gmail.com Your AIM/Yahoo Screen Name: jdbadluck TAG TEAM NAME: Next Revolution Wrestler's Name: Ben Morst and Jimmy "Slick" McVee Wrestler's Age: Morst is 25, McVee is 24 (Everthing from here on out will be in that order) Height: 6'0"...
  11. TBirdSCIL

    "Gentleman" Jonathan Marx

    Your Name: Paul Miller Your Email Address: paulnj21@aol.com Wrestler Name: ‘Gentleman’ Jonathan Marx Height: 6’2 Weight: 215 Hometown: Princeton, NJ Theme & Ring Music: "The Touch" by Stan Bush Gimmick: Rich, eccentric, scholar, gentlemen Appearance: black tights, black boots, blonde...
  12. TBirdSCIL


    Michael McNichols MMcNic2808@hotmail.com, manson_60630@yahoo.com AOL IM: MMcNic606, yahoo IM see above Character Name: Phoenix Real Name: Ellike, Joshua Hailing From: The Valley of Fire (actually resides in Villa Park which is right outside Chicago) Age: 29 Height: 6'0 Weight: 230 lbs Entrance...
  13. TBirdSCIL

    The Monsta Boyz

    Your Name: Jeff Bolichowski Your Email Address: wubbzy@hotmail.com Your AIM/Yahoo Screen Name: AIM - Drake Dai | Yahoo - jabolich Wrestler's Name: Buff Bellows Wrestler's Age: 28 Height: 6'9" Weight: 345lbs Physical Description: Buff Bellows is a beast. Standing at 6'9", Buff is absolutely...
  14. TBirdSCIL


    RPer name: Adam Shinder Real Name: Takaji "Tak" Fuyimoto Ring Name: Rampage Birthplace: Osaka, Japan Resides In: San Francisco, CA Height: 5'11" Weight: 255 lbs Alignment: Face Personality: Business-like, dead serious almost all the time. He's not necessarily loved by the fans, but they...
  15. TBirdSCIL

    Stephen Waltz

    Your Name: R. Ryan Strawsma Your Email Address: RudeFF72@aol.com Your AIM/Yahoo Screen Name: Rocko The Otter Wrestler's Name: Stephen Waltz Wrestler's Age: 22 Height: 6'2" Weight: 244 lbs. Hometown: Kokomo, Indiana Entrance Music: "Just Like You" by Three Days Grace Alignment (Face/Heel)...
  16. TBirdSCIL

    GWA Employee Profiles

    GWA Employee Profiles BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The Gateway Wrestling Alliance was formed by a group of 10 midwestern investors who had a passion for wrestling and grew tired of what is being presented on TV nowadays. So they pooled their capital and created the GWA. This group of individuals...
  17. TBirdSCIL

    GWA Join Application

    All prospective members, If you are interested in joining the Gateway Wrestling Alliance, please fill out this join application and email it to me at TBirdSCIL@aol.com. Please fill out all fields: Gateway Wrestling Alliance Application: Your Name Your Email Address Your AIM/Yahoo Screen...
  18. TBirdSCIL

    GWA Mission Statement

    All members, Here is a brief summary of how the GWA will be run. As I have stated before, the Gateway Wrestling Alliance will be based on the old-school booking models of the NWA, Mid-South and Memphis, mixed in with the best concepts of the modern day WWE/F, WCW, and ECW. There will be the 2...
  19. TBirdSCIL

    A New League? A New Beginning?

    For all you newbies and veterans looking for a new league... Run, don't walk to the Advertisement section of the FW board to check out the note about my possible new league! Scott Malec former president of GLCW and Co-Owner of the FWF Possible President of the new Gateway Wrestling Alliance
  20. TBirdSCIL

    A New League? A New Beginning?

    Hey everyone, Run, don't walk to the Advertisement section of the FW board to check out the note about my possible new league! Scott Malec former president of GLCW and Co-Owner of the FWF Possible President of the new Gateway Wrestling Alliance

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