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  1. MarcusWestcott

    Mr. ShawnHartXXX

    Looks like you've filled up on PM's... need to clear some space, dude.
  2. MarcusWestcott

    A1E / A1Wrestling Forums

    To anyone that comes to A1Wrestling.com to either post there or follow/participate in A1E: The board there is basically screwed. We're working to try and fix it, but we have no idea when it'll be fixed. For those of you that participate in A1E, please head over to the following board and...
  3. MarcusWestcott

    September 12, 2008

    On A1E's Warfare... THE QUEST BEGINS. Stay tuned for more information.
  4. MarcusWestcott

    Mr. Scott

    You sent me a PM, but your PM's are turned off. :D
  5. MarcusWestcott

    Before Black Dawn

    (OORP... nothing to do with the match... just some building here...) ..................................................................... (Fade in... Beast once again in front of an A1E backdrop.) Beast: It seems as though I've got a new brother... a brother in arms. Another one...
  6. MarcusWestcott


    Just wanted to apologize for the low level of production for the PPV. I was writing a huge A1E PPV all last week, and then I was without power at home for two days this week as I was getting my electrical upgraded at home so I didn't have as much time as I'd have liked. SB, I have a feeling...
  7. MarcusWestcott

    A1E's October 12th, 2007 Warfare

    Show's up! http://www.a1e.ca/results.php On the show: - More information regarding the potential sale of A1E. - Another appearance by a former superstar. - A new superstar debuts. - A fighting Champion? - Battle of the Segments? - A new challenger rises up for the A1E World Heavyweight Title...
  8. MarcusWestcott

    A1E For Sale? Update

    MINNEAPOLIS, MN (AP) - Update on the potential sale of wrestling organization A1 Entertainment (A1E). A report from a source inside the company who spoke on the condition of anonymity is that there is indeed an offer on the table to purchase A1E. Details on the exact terms of the offer are not...
  9. MarcusWestcott

    A1E For Sale?

    A1 Entertainment Up For Sale? September 29th, 2007 MINNEAPOLIS, MN (AP) - The world of professional wrestling has seen its fair share of companies swap hands, most notably the WWE purchase of long time rival WCW. The ownership of Message Board Entertainment has often been in a state of...
  10. MarcusWestcott

    A1E's GOLDEN DREAMS 2007

    The grand daddy of them all is up, folks! Which titles, if any, changed hands? An A1E superstar calls it quits! A little friendly "competition" between federations? Is romance in the air? The return of two A1E superstars to PPV! All this and much, much more! http://www.a1e.ca/results.php
  11. MarcusWestcott

    NHL Hockey Pool

    Hockey fan? Borderline fan? Hardcore enthusiast? Feel like joining a hockey pool? Hell, even if you're not a big hockey fan, these things are fun just to participate in. I've got a free pool set up, and we'll play for no money. Just a fun pool for bragging rights. Pick a bunch of players, a...
  12. MarcusWestcott

    Blog O' The Beast

    Yeah, it's been since February, but I finally got around to updating it. If you want to have a peek, the addy's below. http://a1ebeast.blogspot.com
  13. MarcusWestcott

    Attention all A1E Tag Team Tournament Participants

    Alright, we're now winding down to the end of the tournament. Playoffs start next card, so some teams will be active, and some teams will not. So, I need to know from all the FW guys participating in the tournament: What are your plans when the tournament is over? Will you still be part of A1E...
  14. MarcusWestcott

    A1E Tag Team Tournament

    Hey folks, For everyone that's involved in the tournament, the RP week is getting close to being over and no one's showed yet (including the two A1E guys). Pretty dismal. The schedule was posted in the information thread over on A1, so I shouldn't have to come in here every week and kick...
  15. MarcusWestcott

    Note to A1E Tag Tourney Entrants

    Just thought I'd make a new thread so this didn't get buried in the old thread... For those of you from FW land that are entering the A1E Tag Tournament, please make sure to remember to register at the A1wrestling.com forums and get an account created so you're able to post on the boards. A1...
  16. MarcusWestcott

    Beau Micheals

    Sean, Dude. I just read your RP for our match, and I know I'm supposed to be competing against you and everything, but damn... That was a fine, fine, job you did there, my friend. My hat's off to you. Jarret
  17. MarcusWestcott


    Shortly after Wrestleverse, we're taken into a locker room, where we see the newest returnee to EPW, Beast, just finishing packing his bag for the night, and getting ready to leave. Beast: It was possibly the worst night of Dan Ryan's professional career. And I loved every single second of it...
  18. MarcusWestcott

    What a night.

    Fade into a locker room shortly following the events that transpired at Night Of The Legends II. Who's sitting there? None other than UCW's latest acquisition, Beast, decked out in jeans and a black "I Gored Jalen Latham And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt" shirt. Beast leans back in a black...
  19. MarcusWestcott

    A1E's Tag Team Tournament

    A1E Announces Tag Team Tournament As announced yesterday on A1E's Warfare (and subesquently shilled on Tom's blog - thanks Tom!), Commissioner Nathan Houston declared a tournament would be held to try and revitalize the tag division over in A1E. World Tag Team Champions Big Dog and Dan Ryan...
  20. MarcusWestcott


    Name: Beast Nicknames: The Alpha Male, The Apex Predator Height: 6 feet 6 inches Weight: 285 pounds Hails From: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Current Feds: A1E, UCW Past Feds: A1E, EPW, MBE, TEAM, WFW Titles Held: A1E World Heavyweight Championship, A1E Cyber Championship (3x), A1E Tag...

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