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  1. Damien

    Volunteers Required

    Hey guys, So I'm looking to book an angle that will involve Charlie Ace needing to make a few cameo appearances on DEFtv 91 (show 3 of this coming arc) in segments to be truly effective. I don't want to arrange to write 3 or 4 segments myself to meet this need, so would like to request...
  2. Damien

    Thanks For All The FIST... Get It?

    I’ve been in DEFIANCE for 6 years now. I’ve seen plenty of people come and go and I never wanted to add to that tally. But I guess I kinda am right now. DEFIANCE has been totally awesome and I'm so pleased to have been a part of it all. I’m proud of the fact that since I started I’ve not...
  3. Damien

    Damien Books: Wrestlemania 32

    OK, I love wrestling, and I love WWE. I also love spending a lot of time recently watching YouTube videos about how WWE should have booked XXX or should book YYY, and also booking this in my own head as well. So here’s a game a play by myself every year. Now, usually I’d start to think about...
  4. Damien


    It had been a long time since we were last here. And yet, despite nineteen months passing since our last adventure in Mrs Dewey’s home, everything still looked pretty much the same. The sun still shone through the bars across the tiny, solitary window of the Dewey family’s basement; the beam...
  5. Damien

    Eugene Dewey

    - Handler Name: Damien - Contact Info: PM on these boards is the best way to contact me - Current EFed (if any): DEFIANCE - Are you representing that EFed with this character?: Yes - Is anyone else from your EFed entered in Battlemania? Not yet Character Name: Eugene Dewey Height: 6'0"...
  6. Damien

    Here's where I'm at

    Here's the deal. I'm not gonna disappear on you for God know how long, but for the next couple of weeks I might not be around so much. I'm about to leave work to sign everything for my new flat. I'll be picking the keys up tomorrow, and then I need to do a shit load of work on the place...
  7. Damien

    Today is the birthday of the second hardest working man in DEFIANCE

    Because I'm not giving up that title. Happy Birthday Mr Nourse.
  8. Damien

    ATTN: Jeff, Brian, Chris & James

    Jeff: I need an answer to the PM I sent yesterday. If you haven't got one, maybe because the boards were kinda fucky, let me know. Brian: I just sent you a PM as well. Just a heads up. Further more, Brian, Chris & James, you should all have an invite to a document that contains a seg and a...
  9. Damien

    'Big Vinny' Vincent Rinaldi - Match Writing Aid

    BIO LINK: http://defiancewrestling.com/bio.php?username=bigvinny Personality: Vincent Rinaldi is dumb as sand. He’ll do everything he’s told by Di Luca or Dentari and has never and will never think for himself. He doesn’t speak, leading some to question whether or not he even has the ability...
  10. Damien

    Tony 'Two Hands' Di Luca - Match Writing Aid

    BIO LINK: http://defiancewrestling.com/bio.php?username=Tonytwohands Personality: Tony is the most level headed member of the LBC, but when he snaps he totally freakin’ loses it. Di Luca is a clearly a 1b in the LBC now rather than a number 2, and is eager to prove his worth. Wrestling Style...
  11. Damien

    Alceo Dentari - Match Writing Aid

    BIO LINK: http://defiancewrestling.com/bio.php?username=AlceoDentari Personality: Alceo is like a pitbull on a very short leash. He’s hot headed, intense, and pretty damn explosive. His interests only concern one thing, which is himself. Alceo is very self conscious of the fact that he’s...
  12. Damien

    Eugene Dewey - Match Writing Aid

    BIO LINK: http://defiancewrestling.com/bio.php?username=eugenedewey Personality: Eugene is a genuinely nice guy in and out of the ring. He can be a bit naive at times, but that naivety has slowly been stripped away by the wrestling industry after being messed around so much by numerous parties...
  13. Damien


  14. Damien

    My Friend Steve

    Ok guys, personal life got pretty shit for all my friends and me when one of our oldest friends took his own life earlier this week. I'm not fishing for sympathy or kind words or anything like that. I just want to let you guys know about him and what's going on right now. Steve had a unique...
  15. Damien

    DENTARILLAS | Japan Arc Bookings

    Show #1 Dentari is taking a “week off” to rest after the Ladder War Backstage Segment - D&G Backstage Segment - D&G and Tres Brujas Show #2 Backstage Segment D&G Match - Dentari & Gorillas vs. Tres Brujas Show #3 Backstage Segment - D&G and CVC CVC w/ Dentari/Tony/Vinny vs. ??? Show #4...
  16. Damien

    EUGENE DEWEY & SETH STRATTON | Japan Arc Bookings

    Show #1 Match - Eugene Dewey vs. Diego De Leon Segment - Feat. Seth Stratton and Eugene Dewey. - Sets up the next match Match - Eugene Dewey vs. Seth Stratton Show #2 Backstage Segment - Feat. Seth Stratton and Surprise Match - Seth Stratton vs. A face Backstage Segment - Feat. Surprise and...
  17. Damien

    Last night I had a revelation

    I was going to rip off Siler's leaving speech, but I can't be bothered. Instead I'll just say this. Jeff, you need to #vacatethetitle and stop running this place with an iron fist, and Justin, you need to stop being a follower. These opinions are brought to you by last nights refreshments...
  18. Damien


    Rumours are circling that the E have signed El Generico. If this is true then this is awesome.
  19. Damien

    To Wii U?

    Ok, so the Wii U comes out tomorrow and I'm sorely tempted to buy it, mainly because I want to play ZombiU. Seeing as it's already released in the States I figured I'd check with you guys. Do any of you own one yet? Is it worth it?Please bare in mind I'm probably going to get one regardless as...
  20. Damien

    GCL Finals Feedback Thread

    Alright guys it’s that time again, you know, the one where Justin and Jeff ask for feedback, two people say something as unhelpful as “I liked it”, one person gives back something constructive and the rest of us sit there in silence because we’re all lazy fucks. That time. Well, I’m going to...

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