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  1. Rook Black

    gencon 2013!

    so yeah, i'm doing that again. i leave wednesday next week and return sunday. i'm actually still basically around since i check email etc, i'm just not available for any heavy lifting (writing).
  2. Rook Black

    Can I get one more in on NJ?

    Even if it's already decided in the minds of the overlords, can I have it opened back up to close out? I'd planned for another that got eaten up when my sunday disappeared. call the wahmbulance, i know.
  3. Rook Black

    The Fourth Man

    (The screen has a shot of the HFC logo. CUT TO: The stone white Ionic columns that adorn the open air parlor of The HFC’s Headquarters. The scene outside is… interesting… to say the least. There are four women on horseback dressed like Lady Godiva – that is, to say, they’re not dressed, save for...
  4. Rook Black

    who is over where?

    I was thinking about this a bit ago. In our mythos, who gets the big pops in a region? Bryant would likely own the south, being both a good ole boy and espousing certain redneck values. Impulse has ny. I'd go as far as to perhaps suggest that the enlightened liberal elements of each coast...
  5. Rook Black

    'tis the season

    ROOK: “We have got ...” (FADE IN: ROOK BLACK, his upper body a mess of countless cuts glossy with the shine of liquid bandage applied to them, his face with butterfly strips, his jawline, forehead, across the bridge of his nose.) ROOK: “... to do this kind of thing more often.” (ROOK...
  6. Rook Black

    Borderlands 2 on xbox 360

    four player sessions are not going to arrange themselves! AdvancedBen2e is me. be my new friend and let's kill bandits together.
  7. Rook Black


    I'm going to gencon next week, so I'll be in Indianapolis from Tuesday to Sunday, with Monday usually being home and sleeping all day. I let Katz know already, but just in case anyone else wants to get a hold of me ... that. I'll still have my phone for emails and can even load up the boards...
  8. Rook Black

    out of your depth

    ROOK (quiet singing): “It really took a tall one to see it, two to believe it, three to just get in the way.” (FADE IN: Kitchen. Green tile, formica countertops. Rook Black, black drawstring pajamas. On the island in the middle of the kitchen sits his holy Vitamix Blender. From the fridge...
  9. Rook Black

    The Legacy of Chief Justice Roberts

    ROOK: "I know this game." (FADE IN: ROOK BLACK, he's walking down a hallway, tiled floor, wood paneling. He's wearing a charcoal gray suit, black cowboy boots. He wears the Triple Crown Championship around his waist (under the blazer), and walks in a distinctive Texan amble (somewhere between...
  10. Rook Black

    I'm not the kind of guy who says `I told you so.'

    ROOK: “I told myself ...” (FADE IN: ROOK BLACK zipping up a pair of charcoal gray slacks. He’s shirtless, though a bleach white off the rack button down shirt is on a hanger. He’s currently in a cramped dressing room with one chair, one mirror, and a large FedEx box, and his travel bags.)...
  11. Rook Black

    Main Page Down?

    When i try to hit the main page, i get this. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE, expecting T_STRING or T_VARIABLE or T_NUM_STRING in/home/eworg/public_html/nfw/index.php on line 63
  12. Rook Black


    (FADE IN: ROOK in his black and white monochrome ring gear, marching along the line of his NATIONAL GUARD, standing at attention. The GUARD are in their black and blue uniform, with the blue berets and mirrorshade sunglasses. ROOK bears the National Title on his shoulder.) ROOK: "Nine Hundred...
  13. Rook Black

    I <3 Dorchester Stratton

    of the GG creations, JJ Deville was tops right up until Dorchester cut that promo on Dan Ryan and Joe with Calvin "helping". So awesome. Great stuff!
  14. Rook Black


    ROOK: "Lucky for me, I'm continually in the wrong place at the right time." FADE IN: ROOK BLACK walking with the NATIONAL GUARD entourage in a parking lot approaching their caravan vehicles. ROOK: "We're heading back out west. We're going to want to swing through Denton on the route to pick...
  15. Rook Black

    National Champion Seeks Motivated Opponent For Competitive Violence Contest and Fun

    ROOK: "I didn't imagine that I'd ever be doing this." (FADE IN: ROOK BLACK seated at a desk, leaning back, black cowboy boots on it. He holds a judge's gavel that he amuses himself with by spinning it around in his fingers.) ROOK: "But I'm getting a little restless. And that's not very good...
  16. Rook Black

    Ben reaches out! He must want something!

    Hey gang, I was wondering if I could lean on you a bit for some help. There's a contest to win a chance to be included in the audiobook recording for the 10th Anniversary edition of Neil Gaiman's novel American Gods. So, I submitted an entry which is passing acceptable. But the actual...
  17. Rook Black

    Well Allow Me To Retort

    (FADE IN: ROOK BLACK approaching a desk. He's wearing a white button down shirt and black jeans, very monochrome. No national title, no NATIONAL GUARD.) (Without explanation, ROOK seats himself at the desk, pulling the chair in. He rests his elbows on the desk and folds his hands together...
  18. Rook Black

    This Is Just A Test

    one two one two keep it on
  19. Rook Black

    So there

    Let that be a lesson to you.
  20. Rook Black

    Finding Thirteen

    (FLASHBACK: Oklahoma City, Reloaded, after the show.) National Guardsman #13 Responsibilities: Custody of the National Title (FADE IN: A cold arena floor, with a guy in his underwear handcuffed into a hog tie, duct tape over his mouth. He has bruising and contusions on his head and face, and...

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