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  1. GreggG

    Troy Windham

    Will gladly write matches since now I know you have to. :)
  2. GreggG

    Troy Windham

    Yep! Will gladly write matches.
  3. GreggG

    Troy Windham

    Handler Information Name: Gregg Gethard Email Address: PRIVATE Best Way to Contact You: Forum PM eWrestling Experience: Started e-fedding in 1992, lengthy member of CSWA/NFW/EPW/etc. How did you find DEFIANCE? Ad on the e-fed podcast. Are you willing to write matches? Not right now. Writing...
  4. GreggG

    We Found These Fields

    (CUT TO: The cleared out fields of the former WINDHAM RANCH property. A crackling bonfire burns of giant flames and white smoke. Two tree logs are placed on each side of the father. On each side sits PESTILENCE and FAMINE -- the two men who have silently sat during the preaching of RAPTURE...
  5. GreggG

    The Reckoning Is Coming

    (CUT TO: An overgrown forest of Texan shrubbery. A fire cracks in the background. The camera gets closer revealing it to become a swirling tower of flame. Standing in the fire, with his arms out as if on a crucifix, is the man at one time recognizable as BOBBY JACK WINDHAM. However, he has...
  6. GreggG

    The Heir Apparent

    (CUT TO: A figure with his back turned to the camera, only revealing the back of a leather pleated coat adorned with an array of knuckle-sized diamonds and swishy black track pants. The first thing noticed when this figure turns around is his hair -- brown hair tinted with lighter shades of...
  7. GreggG


    Hey everyone! Sorry I've been off-line from these parts for a spell. I'll be back soon. I promise! I've had a real busy few months. It's all for good reasons. But because of it, I've just had to step back from any and all hobbies for a spell. But I'll be back in a little bit. And the next...
  8. GreggG

    The Chris Gethard Show

    Hey everyone! Some of you may remember my brother Chris from way back in the day in these parts. Anyways, he's a professional stand-up comedian type person these days and getting to be pretty well known. But his bread-and-butter is The Chris Gethard Show, which is a cable access show he hosts...
  9. GreggG

    The Baddest Man Alive

    (CUT TO: The famous H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D sign in Los Angeles, as seen from the Griffith Park Observatory. The camera pans down from the sign to reveal a cherry red BMW convertible car parked. Leaning on the door is DORCHESTER STRATTON, his hair done up to Mad Men Vitalis perfection, wearing a blue...
  10. GreggG

    Christmas Wish

    (CUE UP: A synth, non-vocal version of 'DECK THE HALLS' plays. CUT TO: A freeze-frame shot of a fireplace/mantle setting. Sitting in the foreground are DORCHESTER STRATTON and VERONICA ABRAMS RUMSFELD, both wearing Santa hats along with clothing fineries. Dorchester's NFW TV Title sits on the...
  11. GreggG

    NFW Manifesto (MUST READ!)

    Hello everyone. As you know, the last card took way too long to get out. A lot of that is because of real-life and health issues, and that's bound to happen. But it also gave the three of us a chance to look at the league and ways to change it up. That's not anything new to us -- for those who...
  12. GreggG

    The Power Lies Here

    (CUT TO: A big mahogany desk with a matching-colored chair turned away from the camera. Hanging over the back is the pulled back ponytail of JJ DeVille.) JJ: "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! Eddie Mayfield wants to play THAT game with me? He wants to make me TAG with him? He wants to get in MY face before...
  13. GreggG

    Chaos Theory

    (CUT TO: Two men fencing in a well-lit gymnasium. They parry in the middle and, immediately, the one on the left backpedals as the one on the right attacks. The one on the left attempts a defensive strike but his sword is damn near knocked out of his hands before he is jabbed viciously by the...
  14. GreggG

    Article on FWrestling on The Classical!

    Hey guys. I write a little bit for this awesome sports website called The Classical. The most recent piece I wrote came out today. It's about my history in this dumb hobby of ours. Here it is for your consumption! http://theclassical.org/articles/its-all-fake-my-life-in-virtual-wrestling
  15. GreggG

    Training Video

    (CUT TO: Natrone Rice, behind the studio desk, with an absolutely creeped out look on his face.) NATRONE: "Natrone Rice here N-F-W fans. And right now, well... I'm usually out here high energy to show you why we here are the absolute best professional wrestling league in the WORLD - nay...
  16. GreggG

    Dear Rook

    (CUT TO: A concerned JJ DeVille sits in a chair, chessboard in front of him.) JJ: "Rook Black, I pray tell you get this message. First -- and I don't do this often... or ever... but I'm going to say something heartfelt, earnest and true. Scout's honor. Even the gay scouts. I'm sorry. You see...
  17. GreggG


    (CUT TO: A crackling fire. The camera pans up and shows a pensive, thoughtful looking JJ DEVILLE standing -- hands behind his back, this suit jacket a little tight, with a white dress shirt and pink ascot.) JJ: "We've got a lot on our mind and we have a LOT to say. So I want you all at home to...
  18. GreggG

    We Call The Shots

    (CUT TO: A white GULFSTREAM V private jet on a black tar runway. At the top of the steps stands a sullen BLAINE HOLLYWOOD, a copy of the PARIS REVIEW in his hand, as he looks in disgust. DORCHESTER STRATTON is limping, holding an ice pack to his neck but a bit of a smile as his face is cut and...
  19. GreggG


    (CUT TO: A chessboard, with all of the pieces in their traditional place. A pair of fingers goes to the board and grabs the black rook and holds it up. The camera pans back and shows JJ DeVille lording over the board, STILL wearing his evil cloak from his attack on Jack Bryant. He holds up the...
  20. GreggG

    Have You Gotten It Yet?

    (CUT TO: The exterior of the front of a country club -- large Ionic pillars made of marble stand in front of the large door. Standing at the front is a doorman -- white gloves, tux tails, etc. -- and across from him are human statues and a dwarf holding a tray on his head balancing a champagne...

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