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  1. Sean Taylor

    Roster Site

    By now I'm sure you're all aware that the new roster site is up ( http://www.geocities.com/euwc_roster). Check it out and if you find any mistakes or omissions that you want fixed either post below or email me trcowfoou@yahoo.com If something with your character changes, you'll also need to...
  2. Sean Taylor

    PPV Predictions Leaderboard - post GAB

    Great American Bash Tally Larry - 9 Matt - 9 Mike C - 8 Roundtree - 8 T Waring - 8 TSiegel - 8 Derek - 6 Synn - 6 Jay Smash - 2 Overall Tally: Sean Taylor -- 84 points Samuel Roundtree -- 77 points Mike C -- 69 points Synn -- 64 points CuseTroy -- 62 points Matt Pickstock -- 61 points TSiegel...
  3. Sean Taylor

    Great American Bash Predictions

    It's that time again. Lots of points up for grabs here. World Heavyweight Championship Match: Batista (c) vs John Bradshaw Layfield Winner: Means: United States Championship Match: Orlando Jordan (c) vs Chris Benoit Winner: Means: WWE Tag Team Championship Match: MNM (c) vs Heidenreich...
  4. Sean Taylor

    Hey guys, Big Project is finished

    Hey guys, Some time ago I emailed some of you requesting help with a project I was doing. I recently finished said project and plan to use it in rps of my own. I sat down and wrote an in-depth "unauthorized" biography of Sean Taylor starting from his childhood, through high school, and...
  5. Sean Taylor

    PPV Predictions Leaderboard

    Kudos to Matt for his picks for Vengence. He was only 1 point away from a perfect score. Luckily though, I AM STILL THE KING!!!! Vengence Tally: Matt -- 12 DDS -- 10 Moh -- 10 CuseTroy -- 9 Sean -- 8 Mike C -- 8 John -- 6 Overall Tally: Sean Taylor -- 78 points Samuel Roundtree -- 69...
  6. Sean Taylor

    WWE Predictions - Vengeance

    Since Moh isn't at home, I'll post this and get this started. You all know the rules. Christy Hemme vs Victoria Winner: Means: Kane vs Edge w/Lita Winner: Means: Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels Winner: Means: WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Carlito (c) vs Shelton Banjamin Winner...
  7. Sean Taylor

    Backstage @ Raw III (April 18, 2005)

    (Vince is sitting in his office behind his desk. Chris Benoit and Edge walk in.) Edge: You wanted to see us, Mr. McMahon? Vince: Ah, Edge, Benoit. You two will be opening the show tonight. Brawl to the back and Eric will interrupt you and make your gimmick match for Backlash. Edge: Last...
  8. Sean Taylor

    Backstage @ Royal Rumble

    (Date: January 30, 2005. Place: The Save Mart Center in Fresno, California. Booker T, Renee Dupree, Viscera, and Gene Snitsky are standing together in the hallway just hours before the Royal Rumble.) Booker: Yo, suckas! I just got word from the V-Man that none of us are going to win the Rumble...
  9. Sean Taylor

    It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year....

    Well it's that time again. Time for my favourite pay-per-view of the year - the Royal Rumble. I, after calling the winner of the Elimination Chamber 4 weeks in advance, am here to spoil the entire ppv for everyone and let you all know who is going to win. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Relax...
  10. Sean Taylor

    I need help!!!!!

    I recently got a DVD burner. I am trying to burn DVDs but I don't know which program to use. If anyone can assist me with this please email me at trcowfoou@yahoo.com Derek
  11. Sean Taylor

    Huge Euwc News!!!!

    Well, I guess since I've told some of the EUWC handlers, I should probably tell everyone. As of January 6, 2005, Matt will be home in Ontario. He has assured me that as soon as he gets internet set up (if it isn't already) he will re-open the EUWC starting with Blood Bath. So let everyone...
  12. Sean Taylor

    EUWC 2004 Awards

    Hey guys, Despite the inactivity of the EUWC right now, Mike C and I are combining our efforts to present the EUWC 2004 Awards. This past year in the EUWC was a fantastic year with lots of great points. We believe that 2004 warrants some awards to be given out. Here's how it works. 1) You...
  13. Sean Taylor

    Huge News For The Euwc Roster

    Folks, Blood Bath will be put up as soon as Matt gets his computer and internet set up. Personally, I am willing to wait but my craving for e-fed action is getting to be too much. Therefore, I have huge news. I have just opened the CWC - Canadian Wrestling Corporation. Consider this EUWC...
  14. Sean Taylor

    Random Thoughts From Raw

    - Eugene should have channelled Al Snow, Raven, or Mick Foley. - I love sparkily red dresses. - "Bygones be bygones, my Oklahoma behind" -> best line EVER!!! - Batista should not "Whoo" - Edge is stole Sean Taylor's personality - Viscera looked like a woman. (seriously, go back and look...
  15. Sean Taylor

    EUWC Merchandise ***HUGE UPDATE***

    Hey, Thanks to a number of people, there are lots of new merchandise on the site. I have also cleaned it up by taking out some of the merchandise of superstars who are no longer in the EUWC. New Merchandise: T-shirt - Diabolic Forces DVD - Dominion War DVD - Good As Gold Volume 2 T-shirt...
  16. Sean Taylor

    A Day in the Life of Gene Snitsky

    (Gene Snitsky is standing in WWE Headquarters filming a promo for next week's Raw.) Gene: But Kane, you losing your baby was (eyes go wide) NOT . . . MY . . . FAULT! (Gene ends his promo and walks off. He goes to his car. He drives home and is met by his younger brother.) Gene: Hey man...
  17. Sean Taylor

    EUWC Contest

    Ok folks with the WWE doing an interactive PPV next Tuesday, I thought I would run a little contest. Here's how it works. Predict the Taboo Tuesday PPV from top to bottom. Winner will be the person with the most points. Points earned how? 1 point for predicting the winner of each match 1...
  18. Sean Taylor

    Sean Taylor European Vacation 5: Italy

    (Location: Rome. Sean Taylor, International Title around his waist and rulebook in hand, and Kandi Reed are starting in the top row of the Colosseum.) Sean: Now this a stadium. Kandi: Well, it's the best place to lay low for a while after tonight's little incident. Sean: Ok, honestly, I...
  19. Sean Taylor

    Sean Taylor European Vacation 4: Greece

    (Location: Athens, Greece, Sean Taylor is walking through the streets of Athens. He turns a corner and words appear at the bottom left of the screen.) "This Belt Is My Belt" Sean Taylor CD: Sean Taylor's European Vacation: The Soundtrack Rule Follower Productions (Music starts to play.)...
  20. Sean Taylor

    Sean Taylor European Vacation 3: Scandanavia

    (Location: Olso, Norway. Sean Taylor and Kandi Reed are sitting in a hockey arena watching a practise session of the Norway National Hockey Team.) Sean: See, Kandi, this is the key to success. Kandi: (shivering) A cold arena? Sean: Yes, a cold are . . . no, no. Practise. Kandi: Oh...

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