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    WWCW- World Wide Championship Wrestling

    WWCW is a fed with a long history dating back to the Summer of 2003 and up until its demise in early 2005 with the death of The Wrestling Update website. This fed is both real and created characters and is looking to make a comeback! With affiliation from Cygywrestling.com, we're reopening this...
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    DOWN E-Fed

    DOWN: Destructive Online Wrestling Network is a created fed that's been in existance since 2001.. It's been layed off for about a year and now with the site updated and 98% functional.. They're looking for members! Two shows a week with Torture on Tuesday and Fury on Friday, there's going to be...
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    New fed looking for staff and wrestlers...

    Worldwide Championship Wrestling This is a brand new e-fed created by yours truly.. This fed accepts real and created guys. Now I know some won't be too kind towards that but I think it'll give a good mix because nothing will "TV based" where you have to be strict on the real guys. There's two...
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    Brand new fed looking for some talent..

    This fed accepts both fake and real wrestlers unless there's certain people used as posers.. However it'll run 1-2 shows a week with PPVs. http://www.wcwwrestling.cjb.net/
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    [CD] More anger

    ~Travis is seen after his tag team match with ice packs attached to his back and a few other random places while still in his ring gear. He looks as if he's in a euforic state of mind as his rapid breathing slows down. A smirk comes across his face.~ Travis: You see? Trevor Cane.. You claimed...
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    [CD] Pissed off just a little...

    ~Travis Smith is seen live from his home in Cincinnati Ohio. He's laying on the couch of his living room in sweat clothes and a blanket over his legs. There's a soft collar brace around his neck as he looks ahead at his TV set. His girlfriend Lori walks into the room and takes a seat next him...
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    [CD] Coming soon..

    ~A video plays showing Too Sweet Travis Smith during his past matches in NEW along with clips of his diffrent promo locations.~ Announcer: Too Sweet Travis Smith is coming back soon to New Era of Wrestling... ~Clips ends with a graphic of Travis Smith's name and him standing in front of it.~
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    New federation to look at

    I would like to take this time to plug in a fed that's been around about a few months now called the Chaos Wrestling Alliance. The CWA is one of the better E-Feds out there for those into created wrestlers. There's two shows/brands which makes rping time very conveinent for each brand with one...
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    Feedback on latest rp

    Any takers?
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    A gripe to make..

    I have to say this because it's really silly.. But as you all might know the World Whinning Federation or World Worthless Entrapment (WWE) is cracking down on all real wrestler and real/fake wrestler E-Feds the use the WWF or WWE as their organization.. This I find udderly humiliating to the...
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    Back and ready..

    Well I had a kick ass trip! Made a stop in Tenn for a one nighter which was awesome and included a 75 foot bungie jump. LOL Then I made a loop the began in Houston TX, went to South Padre Island and played in the sand, went on a tour of north Mexico in a nice boarder town, then ended back in...
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    Vacation request

    I'm taking off for a trip starting tomorrow until the middle of July to vist family and take care of some personal issues. I hope this doesn't effect the card for the PPV too much. I appologize for the lack of rping and for any changes this might cause.
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    John Doe...

    All I gotta say is wow! I've seen intense rping in my time but dude I have to say I'm having the most fun with you.. This is great stuff.
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    [CD] Just a peice of mind..

    ~A man with short brown hair, blue eyes, and dress clothes is seen driving down a busy street in a red Corvette. He comes to a red light and stops as his cell phone rings. He picks up.~ Yeah.. Well what do you expect me to do about it? ~He listens to the man's muffled voice as the light turns...
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    New guy

    I'd like to say that I'm looking forward to working with the people here at New ERA for hopefully a new experience. I've spent about five years in the rping game and most of it as the WWE guys and a little of it as the charecter I'm bringing to New ERA.. So the adjustment level will take effect...

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