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    Testing the Waters (Free Agent Here)

    Below is a the character information for Pat Dwyer, and also a three roleplay series I did in my time at Core Wrestling. All offers can be posted below, and to get into contact with me either PM me on these boards, email me at pat_16_dwyer@hotmail.com or contact me on AIM- xxdistinctxx....thanks...
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    FDW: It Starts Now

    Hey guys, Well I'm new to the community and all but I figured that I'd give a buddy of mine some help out here and advertise his federation. I told him I'll help out where I can, so you can all rely on my full support towards them. Any ways, the federation is supposed to have the first...
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    Tell me about FWrestling e-Feds

    Alright well I'm fairly new here, so I was wondering if any of you could maybe answer a few of my questions about the FWrestling federations that their are linked on these boards. Most of them by the looks of things are roleplay based? Could anyone maybe verify what is and isn't? Also, I...
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    Hello Everyone

    Hey everyone! well I sgned up here awhile ago, back when that one tournament was supposed to happen, can't even remember what it's called anymore. Anyways, I was looking for a good community to post in and this one seemed pretty decent. Don't know how active the forums are, but I was...
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    Hello to everyone...

    Hey, Well...I'm Pat Dwyer, anyone that posts at PTC may or may not know me. I signed up for the Wrestling! tournament, thought it looked interesting since I'm not really involved with e-wrestling at the moment and it'd be a good way to get back into the flow of things Any ways...Hey Everyone! :)

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