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    Steel Combat Fighting Championship

    Attention fellow e-fedders and professional wrestling fanatics! Thanks for checking out Steel Combat Fighting Championship. Are you looking for a unique fed to join, get to know people, keep up your roleplaying skills, or just shoot the breeze? Then this is the place for you. We are currently...
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    Asylum Sports Entertainment #ASE365 Recruiting Campaign

    We at Asylum Sports Entertainment are looking for some top notch recruits to add to our ranks. We're looking for inmates (talent), staff, affiliates and fanatics to help us go above and beyond our wildest expectations. We accept everyone, from all walks of life and skill levels. If you wanna...
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    Asylum Sports Entertainment

    Greetings all! Welcome to our little advertisement here in cyberspace. Let me introduce myself to you all, I'm Charlie Feigel; I'm probably best remembered as "Homicide" and/or "The HardKore Ikon". I've been doing e-fedding for the better part of 18 years and competed and won nearly 50...

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