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    Paradise Lost .02

    Knock. Knock. Knock. The TV flickered on and off deliriously as if out of control. It began almost like a hypnotic device with its recurring colors of gray, black and white. The band of white would overshadow the blackened background and suddenly stream down to the bottom of the screen from...
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    Paradise Lost .01

    There was a calm about me that I had never felt before - an uneasy feeling that my time was coming. I had never seen myself as a philosopher, but I found myself quoting these glib sayings for the past week. It has something to do with the fact that I have a stable job again. Let the nay...
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    Despair and Revenge

    Arson Zanders is sitting on an examining table in the back area of Summit Activities Center in Yankton, South Dakota where Aggression 29 just took place. One of the EPW physicians is jotting down a few notes while Arson just stares at the floor. Physician: Alright Arson, you have a mild...
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    Prologue: Shadows

    December 26, 1996 The smoke filled room did nothing to hide the scum of the Earth that sat before me. They were all recent graduates from Praylor University, a small private college outside of Manchester. Nothing more than a conglomeration of wasted talent that couldn’t find their ways out of...

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