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    I know a lot of you from other feds (including my own), but for those without the benefit of knowing me, my name's Chad Dupree. Most people know me from being one-half of the dynamic duo that runs Global X-treme Wrestling (now known as Global Wrestling Evolution). I've made a few attempts at...
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    A Decision Made

    Time. There was never enough of it. Time. The eternal enemy of man. Time. It marches ever forward. Never stopping. Never resting. Time. It had haunted him for the weeks and months since he’d stepped away from the spotlight. He had done it because he thought his time was over. He had...
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    Make Me A Superstar

    [updated:LAST EDITED ON Jan-03-03 AT 05:32 PM (EDT)](Fade in on the confines of Studio 2B, located somewhere within the confines of CSWA HQ. A full crew awaits the arrival of their subject for today. Soon the double-door studio entrance swings open and the sound of fingers fumbling with...
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    A Little Advice

    [updated:LAST EDITED ON Aug-26-02 AT 01:34 PM (EDT)]Fade in on a nondescript room. The cameras find Rob Sampson wearing the brand new PLR shirt (yours for only $24.95 + tax) and standing in front of a Primetime backdrop. Sampson: "So much to say and all the time I need to say it. I guess...
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    And So It Begins...

    [font fave=verdana]It had been nearly a year of waiting. 365 days. 8,760 hours. 525,600 minutes. 31,536,000 seconds. During that time, he had moved on after being left in a lurch by his former partner, but he had never forgotten the betrayal he felt. He longed for the day when the...

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