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    Another new thingammy

    Newest poser for PRIME.
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    Newest work

    Olsig of PRIME.
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    More monkeying around...

    More playing around with V3, going for a nordic look.
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    First stab at using V3...

    PRIME's (and fWo's) Aimz.
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    Poser Line-Up

    Karina Wolfenden, with costumes for PRIME, IIPW, and NFW...
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    Intro'y thing...

    Thought I might as well do a proper one of these since I'll be RP'ing around here. I'm Mat, as you can tell by the exhibition of rapier wit that is my board name. I've returned to RP fedding recently after a few years in angle places like tA, OSW, fWo, RPW and tSC. I'm currently RP'ing in...

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