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  1. CCJ

    Hello world.

    Hey. I know excuses are for shit around here, so I'm sorry for not being around and falling off the face of the earth. That said, you guys have fucking rocked out in my absence, and it seems like I've missed out a years worth of stuff-- nay, awesome stuff. Kudos to that. For real. There's...
  2. CCJ


    Can we sticky the show booking sheets on the booking forum? At the very the least, the current booking sheet? I'm lazy, and want things done for me.
  3. CCJ

    Cancer Jiles | Japango Tourismo Arc

    Show !: Jiles vs St. Sure. Revenge. Show 2: Promo -- Jiles saying he's cashing in his rematch clause on the next show. Will be shared with Lee R. for obvious reasons. Show 3: Kai Scott vs Cancer Jiles - World Title Rematch Show 4: Promo -- (in ring, possibly show opener??) Proposed three man...
  4. CCJ


    Ever wonder how Cancer Jiles got his name? Want to know what the "T" stands for in T-shades? Want to know how Cancer's hand came to be the weapon of mass destruction it is today? IF you said yes to any of these questions... ............... ...... ................ Read his now updated bio!
  5. CCJ

    ANSWER AND WIN!!!!!!!!

    So, since myself, Zorty and probably/eventually Kevin will be writing the White/Jiles steel cage match... ...and since I've never wrote a match before. I am asking you, the protectors of the lawless, to suggest a possible spot for the match, and who knows... it might get used. I will promise...
  6. CCJ

    Can I getta contact? [OFFICIAL CONTACT THREAD]

    I'm not in DEFIANCE anymore, but in this thread you should post your contact information, specifically your AIM, your Googledocs ID and preferred form of contact (PM, email, etc...)
  7. CCJ

    Side Banner

    That shit looks sweet. Whoever made it, nice work.
  8. CCJ


    Kort, Kiri. I think you guys might have an rp press on your computers. Every time I check the boards, there's a new rp from you guys. Good ****.
  9. CCJ


    Hey, everyone post there Micro's in this thread. I'm gonna try to do a new front page banner. Probably a 3.0 one.
  10. CCJ

    Birthday Cake

    Happy b-day, Brian. Hope you're younger than I am, or else that would mean you're thirty and life is almost over.
  11. CCJ


    Cryptic Voice Over: There was a time in the sport of professional wrestling when men had the chance to become gods. Those days seemed to have vanished over the years. ... Until now. [Flashing on screen are the not so many recognizable faces mixed in with the majority of unknowns making the...

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