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  1. blackout

    (Tag Team) Those Parker Lions - Lane and Holden Parker

    Yes please! I love the concept and will never say no to more heel teams, as we're skewing pretty heavily on the face side right now and I know it's been hard for some folks to find angle partners. Only minor thing: I know we try to be good about moves and doubling up, and Brock Newbludd's MDK...
  2. blackout

    Grant Kingston

    I think our characters would get along and I dig the app. I vote yes.
  3. blackout


  4. blackout

    David Noble - Application

    People whose opinion I trust are saying yes, so I will blindly follow and also say yes. Good times ahead.
  5. blackout

    Corvo Alpha

    Hey! Dis is Donnie. I go to UMass. I just want to say DEFIANCE fuckin' rules, and this app fuckin' rules. And fuckin' yes.
  6. blackout

    Dr Ned Reform

    So I know roster space is tight right now and the idea of brining in another character seems crazy... but I promise I won?t be using this guy to take up precious DEFtv segments or PPV matches. Basically, this is a character I’ve been running in SHOOT Project and am eager to try running in a...
  7. blackout

    "Black Out" Patrick Cassidy

    Name: Joe Email: fifthwalltutoring@gmail.com Best Way To Contact: E-Mail eWrestling Experience: I was big into efeds in high/middle school (back during wrestling's boom period), but as I got older I realized that what drew me to this hobby was the creative writing aspect. I don't have much...

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